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We Don’t Fit In

Hey, Ya’ll! Scribbling filled the room, filling in the empty spaces between breathless sobs and pained gasps. A head bowed over a well-used journal, black hair falling into his wet eyes, one of which currently had an ice pack held to it. The writing… Continue Reading “We Don’t Fit In”

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Ruin; Hung; Bullets;

Hey, Y’all! Enjoy! See Y’all Later!

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Whimper; Walk; Happy Ending;

Hey, Y’all! Enjoy! See y’all later!

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Question; Coffee; Kiss;

Hey, Y’all! Enjoy! See Y’all Later!

Monday Short Tale: A Shattered Love

Hey, Y’all! Here is this week’s Monday Short Tale. “We were always going to say goodbye, weren’t we?” “Yeah, I think so.” “I loved you though. I loved you so much.” A pause. “I know. I know. I loved you too.” “So, what happened… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: A Shattered Love”

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Heart; Pain; Letters;

Hey, Y’all! Enjoy!! See Y’all Later!

Monday Short Tale: A One-Way Heart

Hey, Y’all! Here is the first short tale of February. Every story this month, due to Valentine’s Day, will have at least an undertone of love. A cool wind blew through a cracked open window. The room’s owner was not currently in the room… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: A One-Way Heart”

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Idea; Game; World

Hey, Y’all! Enjoy! See Y’all Later!

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out IV

Hey, Y’all! Now we’re heading into the fourth and final part of Let Us Out. “No!” Alex raised an eyebrow, clearly Daniel knew more of what was going on here than he did. Daniel scowled, furious, staring at the man in a suit. “What… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out IV”

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Brother; Reason; Heart;

Hey, Y’all! Enjoy! See Y’all Later!

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