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June Art Challenge #4

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP. This is the last post for my personal June Art Challenge. I know I normally post this on Friday but there was only two more days to the challenge on Friday so I held it until today when… Continue Reading “June Art Challenge #4”

Who am I?

Who am I? Under this mask I wear, does anyone know who I am? Can anyone see the true me? Do I even know who I am anymore, with as little as this mask comes off? Is there anyone else, In this same boat?… Continue Reading “Who am I?”

Homemade Coffee Creamer-Recipe Included

Hey, ya’ll! I just spent the last two mornings in the kitchen, cooking and creating. As ya’ll know, I’m working on losing weight and simply eating better for quality of life. Now, that does not mean I’m giving up sweets, meat or anything else… Continue Reading “Homemade Coffee Creamer-Recipe Included”

Hiking: Why we do it

Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven! Hey, ya’ll! I just wanted to tell ya’ll about a hobby that I enjoy doing that will also help me with my health and weight loss goal. You may want to try it, it has multiple benefits.… Continue Reading “Hiking: Why we do it”

That’s One Feast Down; Who’s Next?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I can’t believe it’s already August. It feels like it should just be June. It’s amazing how quick a year can go. January, February, feels like you have forever in the year, it’s just started. March, April, you can… Continue Reading “That’s One Feast Down; Who’s Next?”

Be Uniquely You! Don’t Be Afraid!

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! As I’m writing this, I’m watching Flea Market Flip, one of my favorite shows. If I could find some Flea Markets in my area, I would love to go to them. I love garage saling, art/craft shows, they’re so… Continue Reading “Be Uniquely You! Don’t Be Afraid!”

Happy Memorial Day!

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! To my fellow Americans, Happy Memorial Day! Hope ya’ll enjoy your barbecues, picnics, family day, whatever it is ya’ll are doing to celebrate. Even if you’re visiting cemeteries to honor those lost while serving our country. I’m not visiting… Continue Reading “Happy Memorial Day!”

Be Kind to All, You Never Know Who Might Have Your Back Someday.

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! The weather here is so nice. Which is great considering half of last week was gloomy and wet. It wasn’t even cold would have at least made it worth it. Instead it was humid and muggy, making it miserable.… Continue Reading “Be Kind to All, You Never Know Who Might Have Your Back Someday.”

She Won the Fight, but Survival Isn’t Guaranteed.

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! On a separate note from PEP, Paula’s Pet Paradise is taking off! Which of course, I’m thrilled about and thankful. I have a steady walking job as well as several dog-sitting jobs through the middle of May and then… Continue Reading “She Won the Fight, but Survival Isn’t Guaranteed.”

I Wouldn’t Stand There and Take a Picture!

  Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! This week was very monumental in my family. My mom’s car, the faithful steed, a 1999 Forest Green Ford Escort Sport finally gave her all. She has been retired and my mom now owns her dream car she’s… Continue Reading “I Wouldn’t Stand There and Take a Picture!”

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