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Paula’s Pet Paradise

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! Sorry for my sudden absence. I did not plan on going MIA, trust me. But I managed to do something to my back at the first of last week that, though not bad enough for a doctor, restricted… Continue Reading “Paula’s Pet Paradise”

Merry Christmas!!

Hey ya’ll, Welcome back to PEP! Merry Christmas!!   Now I know its early as it’s only Christmas Eve but in actuality, I’m writing this two days before Christmas, so that’s even earlier. But I wanted to make sure I got this out to… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas!!”

Christmas Joy

Hey, Ya’ll! I’m back with another Monday writing. It’s not quite the right time of year to continue the Haunted College Boys piece so I’ll bring that one back in January. As much as I enjoy darker things, Christmas is the time for lightness… Continue Reading “Christmas Joy”

PEP’s New Home-Edited

Hi Ya’ll! Paula’s Eclectic Paradise officially has a new home! It’s still on wordpress but it’s upgraded and hosted so if you’ll follow me there, you’ll get not only my new writing but other posts I’ll be writing, including but not limited to baking,… Continue Reading “PEP’s New Home-Edited”

Pain: Emotional or Physical, Which is Worse?

Hey, ya’ll! I’m working on the new blog at its new site: http://www.paulaseclecticparadise.com but it’s taking longer than I expected so it’ll be a little bit before it’s up and running. I will let ya’ll know when it is up and running. So, for… Continue Reading “Pain: Emotional or Physical, Which is Worse?”

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I have an important announcement this week. Paula’s Eclectic Paradise isn’t going anywhere but it will be undergoing a major change. It’s staying on WordPress but changing hosts and getting an upgrade. The look will change as will my… Continue Reading “The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.”

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