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What did I Do?

Hey, Y’all! Brendan stared at the carnage surrounding him, both seeing the blood painting the walls and not seeing any of it at the same time. If he heard the footsteps coming up behind him, there was no acknowledgement. The owner of the footsteps… Continue Reading “What did I Do?”

We Don’t Fit In

Hey, Ya’ll! Scribbling filled the room, filling in the empty spaces between breathless sobs and pained gasps. A head bowed over a well-used journal, black hair falling into his wet eyes, one of which currently had an ice pack held to it. The writing… Continue Reading “We Don’t Fit In”

Monday Short Tale: A Shattered Love

Hey, Y’all! Here is this week’s Monday Short Tale. “We were always going to say goodbye, weren’t we?” “Yeah, I think so.” “I loved you though. I loved you so much.” A pause. “I know. I know. I loved you too.” “So, what happened… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: A Shattered Love”

Monday Short Tale: A One-Way Heart

Hey, Y’all! Here is the first short tale of February. Every story this month, due to Valentine’s Day, will have at least an undertone of love. A cool wind blew through a cracked open window. The room’s owner was not currently in the room… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: A One-Way Heart”

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out IV

Hey, Y’all! Now we’re heading into the fourth and final part of Let Us Out. “No!” Alex raised an eyebrow, clearly Daniel knew more of what was going on here than he did. Daniel scowled, furious, staring at the man in a suit. “What… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out IV”

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out III

Hey, Y’all! Here is part 3 of Let Us Out! Alex dropped the second body and turned, quickly and silently moving down the hall. When these two goons never reported back, more would be coming and it would be eventually discovered that he and… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out III”

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out II

Hey, Y’all! Here’s the next installment of Let Us Out. With the system I’m using to create my posts for the time being, I think I’m going to be more able to continue short stories, so long as I’m inspired to write another part.… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out II”

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out!

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to the first Monday Short Tale of 2021. I plan on making at least two weekly posts every week. I’ll be trying something new that I think will help me succeed at that. There may be additional post(s) each week as… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out!”

Monday Short Tale: You Left Me!

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!  “Ow!! Ow, ow, Shit, Ow!”  Beckett shook out his throbbing hand, the fingers pulsing and he could already see the bruise coming up on the knuckles that had made contact.  Meanwhile, his former best friend he’d… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: You Left Me!”

Monday Short Tale: Mission-Ground Zero

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!    “You just broke protocol number five-twenty!”  “Seriously?! We’re trying to cheat death and you’re worried about protocol?!”  “Well, pardon me for trying to keep us out of jail if we survive this!” Anya paused to… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Mission-Ground Zero”

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