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Max’s Hell

Hey, ya’ll! Here’s my Monday writing, as promised. So without further ado… Max carefully closed his locker after getting the books he’d need for his weekend homework. He didn’t dare attract attention from the popular girls just down the hall. That would only bring… Continue Reading “Max’s Hell”

Hidden Trap

Here is my latest short story. Marilyn peered around, hoping there wasn’t a nosy neighbor looking at the school. Not seeing anyone, she lifted the broken link in the fence and ducked under. The chain link clattered back into place as she ducked into… Continue Reading “Hidden Trap”

Reflection or Mirror Image?

Is that truly your reflection or is it your mirror image from a twisted world behind the mirror? Do you want to take the risk? Hey, Ya’ll! You may have noticed that there was only one post last week. As life does, things are… Continue Reading “Reflection or Mirror Image?”

Lose once, Lose a thousand times

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome Back! Here’s the latest piece.  “No! No! Please!!” Mallory sobbed as her fiancé lay lifeless in front of her, blood flowing sluggishly from his head wound. The driver of the car that had hit him climbed unsteadily out before collapsing onto… Continue Reading “Lose once, Lose a thousand times”

Dark Princess Finale

Oh dear, I don’t believe we saw this one coming. You’ll have to read it to find out what happened to Prince Hayden and his knights… Prince Hayden, Sir Alexander and Page Tucker froze in confusion and horror. Prince Hayden managed to voice, “Y-Your dragon??”… Continue Reading “Dark Princess Finale”

Dark Princess pt. 2

Oops, I don’t think the Prince saw that one coming. Did you?? Prince Hayden came to a sudden halt, the knights behind him stumbling to not run into him. “Your Highness?” Prince Hayden shushed him. Just then, they all heard unmistakable footsteps from above… Continue Reading “Dark Princess pt. 2”

Dark Princess Pt 1

Hey Ya’ll! Welcome Back! The horse nickered as it softly cantered into the village, its rider calmly gazing around. Prince Hayden’s lead knight, Sir Alexander, questioned him, “Are you sure about this, Your Royal Highness?” “Of course. A part of being a prince is… Continue Reading “Dark Princess Pt 1”

Pain: Emotional or Physical, Which is Worse?

Hey, ya’ll! I’m working on the new blog at its new site: http://www.paulaseclecticparadise.com but it’s taking longer than I expected so it’ll be a little bit before it’s up and running. I will let ya’ll know when it is up and running. So, for… Continue Reading “Pain: Emotional or Physical, Which is Worse?”

My Wolves, My Children

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I’m still looking into something for the one year anniversary of Paula’s Eclectic Paradise. It all depends on budget as I need something big for my pet business as well as something for the blog itself. It may be… Continue Reading “My Wolves, My Children”

Can You See The Monsters Around You?

Hiya, Welcome back to PEP! I know I said June was going to be my opinion month. However, while I have many more opinions, I’ve run out of ones I desire to express here just now. As such, the next three Fridays will be… Continue Reading “Can You See The Monsters Around You?”

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