Wednesday Writing Prompts: Ruin; Hung; Bullets;

Hey, Y’all!

“That’s the problem! You don’t think you deserve something so you ruin it!”

“Sorry I hung up on you, I didn’t mean to answer the call.”

I loved her, But love doesn’t stop bullets.


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Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Whimper; Walk; Happy Ending;

Hey, Y’all!

He whimpered, pulling away from my embrace, clutching his broken wings. “Stay away from me, your love hurts.”

“I can walk through time, I can stop a heart, but I can’t forget what you did to me.”

Don’t you understand? You were her happy ending.


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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Question; Coffee; Kiss;

Hey, Y’all!

One question. Do you need someone or do you need me?

“I love you more than coffee. But please don’t make me prove it.”

“Kiss me and you will see how important I am.”


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Monday Short Tale: A Shattered Love

Hey, Y’all!

Here is this week’s Monday Short Tale.

“We were always going to say goodbye, weren’t we?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“I loved you though. I loved you so much.”

A pause.

“I know. I know. I loved you too.”

“So, what happened to us, then? If we loved each other so much, why did we fracture into tiny pieces?”

“I think… I think we grew apart. Our love became too fragile to hold so we set it on a shelf to preserve it. But when we weren’t watching, it withered until all that’s left is tattered remains of a once upon a time tale.”

“We were once upon a time, weren’t we? But we don’t get a fairy tale ending.”

“On the contrary, not all fairy tale endings are happy ever after. Many fairy tales aren’t what you see on the surface. There’s always so much more to the story.”

“So, if we don’t get a happy ever after together. Does that mean we don’t receive one at all? Or could there still be hope.”

“I believe there’s still hope. Not for us… Our future together has shattered into too many pieces to try to glue back together. But our hearts still beat, as battered and bruised as they are; there’s hope that they could grow to love another who will love us back.”

“I don’t know how much more my heart can take.”

“Please don’t say that. Your heart is hurting but it will heal, it has before, and it will again. We may not have worked out but your next one could be the one to hold your heart as the golden treasure it is.”

Another pause.

“Only if you believe that for your heart as well.”

“I- “

“No. I can see the look on your face. We may no longer have the love we once had but we know each other far too well. Your mind is in the same place mine is. I can only let us go if you agree to trust that you will find your treasure elsewhere as well.”

A longer, almost painful, pause.

“Alright. It will take time, a different time for each of us, but we will heal, and we will find the treasured love we once thought we had with another who will return the love. But no rushing, no pushing; let’s let our hearts go as they will.”

“Any chance of us remaining friends?”

“I think it’s there. I don’t think any time soon, we’re too bruised from the loss of what we thought we had. But I think we could be.”

Two hands clasped before slowly parting as the two lovers parted for what very well may be the last time.

I really enjoy this piece. How do you imagine the lovers in your head? Let me know in a comment below. I know how I see them but I’d like to know your vision.

See y’all later!

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Heart; Pain; Letters;

Hey, Y’all!

 Maybe I should let my heart guide me for once and let my mind play second-hand.

“Which is worse,” she wondered, “Emotional pain or physical pain?”

It all started when she found the love letters.


See Y’all Later!

Monday Short Tale: A One-Way Heart

Hey, Y’all!

Here is the first short tale of February. Every story this month, due to Valentine’s Day, will have at least an undertone of love.

A cool wind blew through a cracked open window. The room’s owner was not currently in the room but rather outside in the lush garden, enjoying the company of a treasured love. The breeze whirled through the room, just strong enough to blow open a well-used journal on the desk. The pages fluttered until the book fell open on pages from just a year ago, detailing great pain.

‘I give up. I can no longer do this. I can’t continue giving and giving and giving without ever receiving anything back. I can’t keep giving to you while all you give me is indifference or on a lucky day, hate. Every day, I’m crying on the inside even as I keep a bright smile on my face. You never noticed. All you saw was a classmate at best, an annoying presence at worst. You never even saw me as a peer, did you? No, that’s a silly question in which the answer is quite clear. You never did. I kept trying to gain your attention without annoying you, but it never worked.

Well, no longer. I’m sealing this part of my history deep in my heart, to never resurface and I am moving on. I don’t know what will happen in my future, but I know it will not involve you. You will no longer be bothered by me; I will no longer lose time devoting it to you.  

Someday I will find someone who will love me the way I loved you. But it won’t be you.’

The pages fluttered once more, as if an invisible soul is reading, to just a few months before today.

‘He makes me so happy. I didn’t think it was possible to be so happy with another person. But of course, I didn’t. The last time my heart chose someone it wanted, it received little or only negative affection in return. But not this time. I give affection but he gives his back. I do for him, devote my time for him. And it is equally returned, if not sometimes more than I’ve given him. I’m always so careful though. If I feel like I’ve taken him for granted, I take time to devote to him, to pamper him. I’ve been in that bad place before; I do not want to do it to him. Not when he clearly loves me as I love him.

The amusing part of it all was that he noticed. After I decided to cut my losses and move on, he noticed. Apparently, it wasn’t the same for him without me in his face all the time. He tried to come to me then, and I will be honest, it was tempting. But I would always remember the tears I cried for him and stay strong, rejecting him as he had rejected me. And it’s paid off. I now have someone that loves me for me, and not what I can do for him; he returns my heart just as I return his. I am finally happy.’

With a clap, the light breeze slammed the book closed, as if it were upset. The wind disappeared, leaving the room untouched, as if no one had ever been there.

Except the journal that now faced the wrong way, that is.

Who do you think was reading the journal? Was it the wind or perhaps something, or someone, else??

See Y’all Later!

Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Idea; Game; World

Hey, Y’all!

“Right Idea, Wrong Sconce.”
They said if you beat Death at a game, he won’t take you. As his hollow skull tilted up from his fallen king, briefly meeting my gaze before focusing on the darkness behind me, I realized what else will
Misdemeanor Mind in a Felony World


See Y’all Later!

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out IV

Hey, Y’all!

Now we’re heading into the fourth and final part of Let Us Out.


Alex raised an eyebrow, clearly Daniel knew more of what was going on here than he did.

Daniel scowled, furious, staring at the man in a suit.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be dead!”

“I’m afraid the declaration of my death was largely exaggerated.”

“Then where have you been the last 5 years.”

“There is a reason I was declared dead. I had to go into hiding until it was safe. It’s not quite safe but I found it necessary to pull you in out of danger.”

“I was in no danger. And definitely not enough to be worth kidnapping me for. After all, you’ve proven I’m not worth anything to you.”

The suited man moved closer to the two young men, Daniel moving so that he was partially behind Alex, using him as a shield; refusing to be close to the man.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Daniel. You are the most important of all. Without you, there is nothing.”

“Bullshit. I’m just a normal guy; there’s nothing important about me. Alex here is more important than I am and I don’t even know who he is and why he’s here.”

“He’s here to protect you. It’s a way for him to turn his life around.”

Alex spoke finally, “I wasn’t aware my life needed to turn around.”

“Surely you realize that assassins don’t have a long life-term. You needed a new focus soon enough.”

“And he’s it, why?”

“Because he holds the cure.”

“The cure? Cure for what?”

Alex didn’t know what he’d gotten himself dragged into but since the suited man seemed inclined to talk to him and Daniel was still glowering behind him, he took advantage of it to better prepare himself.

“Daniel here is not my only son. But he is the only child that holds the cure within his bloodstream.”

“You still haven’t elaborated on the cure to just what.”

“The disease doesn’t exist just yet. Or rather, we haven’t released it yet. We were planning to do so years ago but realized that we needed a cure for those we didn’t want to die, or rather our bosses didn’t want to die. The first child that had the cure was killed by our bosses’ rivals before he reached the age 10. It took several more children among the three scientists, myself included, in order to regenerate the cure. Daniel here is the only one that currently holds it.”

Daniel hadn’t moved, his face hadn’t shifted and Alex took the open opportunity.

“The only one, is he?”

Alex pulled his knife out of his lower leg holster and held it up to Daniel’s neck. He could feel the sudden shock in Daniel’s body before he clearly resigned himself and let his body go lax. Unlike many, he didn’t let his guard down just because Daniel was suddenly relaxed.

“What are you doing! You’re supposed to guard him!”

“I have no attachment, nor have I entered any contract paying me to protect him. So if you want to keep him alive, I highly suggest showing us the way out.”

“Where did you keep that knife! We checked you for weapons when you entered.”

“I’m an assassin, am I not? We always have ways of keeping weapons on us undetected.”

The man, which Alex still didn’t have a name for beyond apparently being Daniel’s biological father, scowled, looking eerily like DAniel, but clearly saw he didn’t have a choice if he wanted to keep his cure alive.

Soon enough, they were at the front door of the place, Alex analyzing the car in the driveway, deciding how quick he could hotwire it when things went to hell as it was about to.

“Here’s your exit, now hand over Daniel.”

“I’m not stupid, no doubt I know too much and you’ll be sending some of my own kind after me.”

The man didn’t respond and Alex knew he’d called it.

“Aside from that, I have too much honor to allow this to continue.”

“Allow what to continue?”

Daniel was also very confused.

Alex switched his knife to another hand, still held to Daniel’s throat for the time being, and pulled a gun out of a hidden back holster, shooting the suited man point blank.


Daniel didn’t get to finish as the knife slipped from his throat and Alex shoved him out the door.

“Car, Now!”

Deciding that Alex was his better option, Daniel clambered into the car as Alex hot-wired it.

The car peeled out of the drive-way, leaving the broken-down house and slowly bleeding corpse behind, both boys not knowing where they were headed or what was about to happen.

Well, that took me places I wasn’t expecting. I think I may turn this into something larger later. I’m feeling pretty inspired by Daniel and Alex’s story right now.

See Y’all Later!

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Brother; Reason; Heart;

Hey, Y’all!

Brothers to the last fight; Brothers to the last enemy; Brothers to the last hour; Brothers to the last bullet; Brothers to the last breath; Brothers to the last hope.
After it happened, everyone tried to comfort me, and told me it would all be okay. That everything would turn out alright in the end. I sure hoped it wouldn’t. Because little did they know, I was the one who had caused the problem and I had done it for a reason.
The moment an assassin has a Heart… is the moment he Dies.


See Y’all Later!

Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out III

Hey, Y’all!

Here is part 3 of Let Us Out!

Alex dropped the second body and turned, quickly and silently moving down the hall. When these two goons never reported back, more would be coming and it would be eventually discovered that he and the idiot were out of their cell.

Daniel scrambled to catch up with Alex as he started to leave him behind.

“Why are you leaving me behind?”

“I’m not leaving you behind. I’m getting out of here and if you don’t keep up, that’s your problem. But I recommend keeping up.”

Daniel knew he was in trouble simply being able to keep up with Alex while walking. Alex was at least half a foot taller than his 5’9″, all in his legs. If there was any obstacles, he was screwed.

They managed to make it down several hallways, all of which looked the same to Daniel before they heard more footsteps.

“Now what?!”

Alex hissed, “Shhh!”

He spotted a vent up above their heads that he knew he would be able to access but he would have to boost Daniel into it. He jumped up and clung up to the wall, yanking the vent cover out of hte wall, glad to find it nearly falling out on its own. Clearly, like everything else in this building, the upkeep of hte vents weren’t any higher than the cells. It concerned him about climbing into it but the footsteps were drawing closer. They didn’t have any other option nor any time to figure it out.

Alex landed back on the ground and gestured for Daniel to step up on his hands.

“Are you nuts?!”

“Do you see any other options? Move!”

Against his better option, Daniel put his foot, and his trust for his life, in Alex’s hands and got boosted up and essentially tossed in the vent. Alex quickly followed, shoving Daniel further down.

“Move! There’s no time to waste!”

Despite having absolutely no idea where he was going, Daniel started crawling. Alex knew they needed to move, unless whoever was coming down the hall was blind, they were bound to see the vent cover on the ground. With any luck, they’ll just assume it fell on its own with the condition this building was in. But he didn’t count on luck being in their favor.

Eventually, they came to another vent opening, Daniel pushing against it and just managing to pop it open. He hadn’t expected it to go, but Alex had hoped it would be in the same shoddy condition the first one was. They climbed down out of hte vent, Alex constantly scanning the hall, knowing there was no way to be prepared coming out blind.

It appeared to be clear… until, “Hello, Gentlemen.”

They both whirled around, Alex seeing an unfamiliar man at the end of the hall and no clearer as to why he was here.

Daniel was a different matter.

Who does Daniel see, just how does he know them??

See Y’all Later!

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