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Shattered Rose Glasses

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! First, before we get into this week’s short story, here is the link for this week’s Sunday Fabricated Stories, Camp Mess. I don’t believe I’ve posted this here before so definitely go and check it out! I’m… Continue Reading “Shattered Rose Glasses”

A Magic Pen

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! It’s Short Story Monday! But before I get to today’s story, let me pause here and give you the link to the Sunday story on Medium. It is one that has been on here but it’s been edited… Continue Reading “A Magic Pen”

Little Ella, Little Ella, What is Your Home Like?

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! I will have an art post for you this week, likely on Friday. I’m pushing myself to do a 30 day art challenge. I’ll be posting the culmination of them on here each week. They’re not going to… Continue Reading “Little Ella, Little Ella, What is Your Home Like?”

A Heart Should be Treasured + Happy Memorial Day

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! To all my visitors from the USA, Happy Memorial Day! May we remember those that have served our country and gave their lives in service. Today is the usual short story Monday. But I’ll have an art post… Continue Reading “A Heart Should be Treasured + Happy Memorial Day”

To Trust or Not to Trust

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! This week should be mostly back to normal. Without further ado, here’s this week’s short story. It was partially inspired by a show I was binge-watching this last weekend on Netflix, Doomsday Preppers, and a prompt I saw… Continue Reading “To Trust or Not to Trust”

Max’s Hell pt. 2

Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP. I was struck by a bit of a bit of inspiration to continue Max’s Hell. So without further ado… Max walked back onto campus the day after his latest dumpster dump and, completely unsurprising to him, the popular… Continue Reading “Max’s Hell pt. 2”

Before It’s too late, where’s my Prince Charming?

Hey, Ya’ll! Here’s this week’s short story. I promise I’ll continue the Halloween one and a couple others that might go somewhere. But this one struck me so here it is. I’ve also been busy with Camp NanoWrimo so my muse is particularly feisty… Continue Reading “Before It’s too late, where’s my Prince Charming?”

Fighting for the Unseen

Hey, ya’ll! How are you enjoying the small changes to the blog? I think this’ll be fun and it’ll be a challenge for me which I always enjoy. Without further ado, here’s this week’s writing, enjoy! Tommy crouched on the top of the building… Continue Reading “Fighting for the Unseen”

Once Hunter, Now Guardian

Hey, Ya’ll! Keep an eye out for not only two art/DIY/Craft posts this week but a quick post about a new goal I’ve made that I’ll be posting updates about here as well as likely that post for this week. I promise it’ll make… Continue Reading “Once Hunter, Now Guardian”

I’m a What?

Hey, Ya’ll! What did you think of last week’s cheap(free) DIY project? I’ll have more coming in the future, I love DIYs.   Emily opened her front door to fetch her weekly newspaper, the town digest, only for her foot to hit something. She… Continue Reading “I’m a What?”

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