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Monday Short Tale: What is Love?

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven. Silence fell over the group of friends.  Finally, Anna asked, “What did you ask again, Twyla?”  “I asked what is love? In your own perspective, what is love?”  Owen answered, “Painful but worth it.”  Lila responded,… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: What is Love?”

Monday Short Tale: Wooing the Were Way.

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!  Here is our Monday Short Tale for the week. Keeping with the theme of February, it’ll be a romantic piece.  Reggi sighed in exasperation as she opened her door. There was yet another plant on her… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Wooing the Were Way.”

Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully: The End.

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven.  Here’s the final piece of Gus and the Class Bully. I think it’s not quite the usual happy ending but it’s not a sad ending.  Theodore Black yawned as he pulled his car into the parking… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully: The End.”

Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully pt. 2

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven.  As I promised last week, here is the next part of Gus and the Class Bully. Despite that one of their classmates was curled in a fetal ball in the middle of the hallway, tears… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully pt. 2”

Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully.

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to SP&H!  Here is this week’s Short Tale.  Gus hunched his shoulders forward, right hand clasping the strap of his bookbag tightly, as he made his way through the hallway. He could hear his peers snickering at him, talking about him… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully.”

Monday Short Tale: A Failed Haunting

Hey, Ya’ll!  A bump sounded above Jan’s head but she didn’t even blink. Another bump sounded from the direction of the stairs and she simply shouted, “Cut it out!” When yet another thump sounded, this time from dining room, Jan simply turned up the… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: A Failed Haunting”

Monday Short Tale: Listen to Your Instincts.

Hey, Ya’ll! Here’s today Monday Short Tale.  Troy crept through the halls of the asylum. He couldn’t let on to anyone that he was here; to do so would be certain death. He still couldn’t quite process just what had led him to be… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Listen to Your Instincts.”

Last Monday Short Tale of 2019

Home Invasion Gone Wrong(or Right?)   The sound of creaking floor boards startles her awake.  “Jim,” Anne whispers as she shakes her sleeping husband. “Someone’s in the house.”  It takes a few moments for Jim to stir and more precious seconds for him to… Continue Reading “Last Monday Short Tale of 2019”

Christmas Gift: A Happy Ending

Hey, Ya’ll!  This last week was just as busy as I’d expected it to be. I feel very productive though. I got my Christmas cards, both professional printed and personal handmade, in the mail; most of my handmade gifts made and all but the… Continue Reading “Christmas Gift: A Happy Ending”

A One Horse Sleigh Ride, Bells Jingling

Hey, ya’ll!  I have a busy week coming ahead of me. I only have one pet job this week, until Saturday, but I have a few gifts I’m making, as well as Christmas cards for a few of my friends. I’ll give details on… Continue Reading “A One Horse Sleigh Ride, Bells Jingling”

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