Monday Short Tale: A Shattered Love

Hey, Y’all!

Here is this week’s Monday Short Tale.

“We were always going to say goodbye, weren’t we?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“I loved you though. I loved you so much.”

A pause.

“I know. I know. I loved you too.”

“So, what happened to us, then? If we loved each other so much, why did we fracture into tiny pieces?”

“I think… I think we grew apart. Our love became too fragile to hold so we set it on a shelf to preserve it. But when we weren’t watching, it withered until all that’s left is tattered remains of a once upon a time tale.”

“We were once upon a time, weren’t we? But we don’t get a fairy tale ending.”

“On the contrary, not all fairy tale endings are happy ever after. Many fairy tales aren’t what you see on the surface. There’s always so much more to the story.”

“So, if we don’t get a happy ever after together. Does that mean we don’t receive one at all? Or could there still be hope.”

“I believe there’s still hope. Not for us… Our future together has shattered into too many pieces to try to glue back together. But our hearts still beat, as battered and bruised as they are; there’s hope that they could grow to love another who will love us back.”

“I don’t know how much more my heart can take.”

“Please don’t say that. Your heart is hurting but it will heal, it has before, and it will again. We may not have worked out but your next one could be the one to hold your heart as the golden treasure it is.”

Another pause.

“Only if you believe that for your heart as well.”

“I- “

“No. I can see the look on your face. We may no longer have the love we once had but we know each other far too well. Your mind is in the same place mine is. I can only let us go if you agree to trust that you will find your treasure elsewhere as well.”

A longer, almost painful, pause.

“Alright. It will take time, a different time for each of us, but we will heal, and we will find the treasured love we once thought we had with another who will return the love. But no rushing, no pushing; let’s let our hearts go as they will.”

“Any chance of us remaining friends?”

“I think it’s there. I don’t think any time soon, we’re too bruised from the loss of what we thought we had. But I think we could be.”

Two hands clasped before slowly parting as the two lovers parted for what very well may be the last time.

I really enjoy this piece. How do you imagine the lovers in your head? Let me know in a comment below. I know how I see them but I’d like to know your vision.

See y’all later!

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