Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out IV

Hey, Y’all!

Now we’re heading into the fourth and final part of Let Us Out.


Alex raised an eyebrow, clearly Daniel knew more of what was going on here than he did.

Daniel scowled, furious, staring at the man in a suit.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be dead!”

“I’m afraid the declaration of my death was largely exaggerated.”

“Then where have you been the last 5 years.”

“There is a reason I was declared dead. I had to go into hiding until it was safe. It’s not quite safe but I found it necessary to pull you in out of danger.”

“I was in no danger. And definitely not enough to be worth kidnapping me for. After all, you’ve proven I’m not worth anything to you.”

The suited man moved closer to the two young men, Daniel moving so that he was partially behind Alex, using him as a shield; refusing to be close to the man.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Daniel. You are the most important of all. Without you, there is nothing.”

“Bullshit. I’m just a normal guy; there’s nothing important about me. Alex here is more important than I am and I don’t even know who he is and why he’s here.”

“He’s here to protect you. It’s a way for him to turn his life around.”

Alex spoke finally, “I wasn’t aware my life needed to turn around.”

“Surely you realize that assassins don’t have a long life-term. You needed a new focus soon enough.”

“And he’s it, why?”

“Because he holds the cure.”

“The cure? Cure for what?”

Alex didn’t know what he’d gotten himself dragged into but since the suited man seemed inclined to talk to him and Daniel was still glowering behind him, he took advantage of it to better prepare himself.

“Daniel here is not my only son. But he is the only child that holds the cure within his bloodstream.”

“You still haven’t elaborated on the cure to just what.”

“The disease doesn’t exist just yet. Or rather, we haven’t released it yet. We were planning to do so years ago but realized that we needed a cure for those we didn’t want to die, or rather our bosses didn’t want to die. The first child that had the cure was killed by our bosses’ rivals before he reached the age 10. It took several more children among the three scientists, myself included, in order to regenerate the cure. Daniel here is the only one that currently holds it.”

Daniel hadn’t moved, his face hadn’t shifted and Alex took the open opportunity.

“The only one, is he?”

Alex pulled his knife out of his lower leg holster and held it up to Daniel’s neck. He could feel the sudden shock in Daniel’s body before he clearly resigned himself and let his body go lax. Unlike many, he didn’t let his guard down just because Daniel was suddenly relaxed.

“What are you doing! You’re supposed to guard him!”

“I have no attachment, nor have I entered any contract paying me to protect him. So if you want to keep him alive, I highly suggest showing us the way out.”

“Where did you keep that knife! We checked you for weapons when you entered.”

“I’m an assassin, am I not? We always have ways of keeping weapons on us undetected.”

The man, which Alex still didn’t have a name for beyond apparently being Daniel’s biological father, scowled, looking eerily like DAniel, but clearly saw he didn’t have a choice if he wanted to keep his cure alive.

Soon enough, they were at the front door of the place, Alex analyzing the car in the driveway, deciding how quick he could hotwire it when things went to hell as it was about to.

“Here’s your exit, now hand over Daniel.”

“I’m not stupid, no doubt I know too much and you’ll be sending some of my own kind after me.”

The man didn’t respond and Alex knew he’d called it.

“Aside from that, I have too much honor to allow this to continue.”

“Allow what to continue?”

Daniel was also very confused.

Alex switched his knife to another hand, still held to Daniel’s throat for the time being, and pulled a gun out of a hidden back holster, shooting the suited man point blank.


Daniel didn’t get to finish as the knife slipped from his throat and Alex shoved him out the door.

“Car, Now!”

Deciding that Alex was his better option, Daniel clambered into the car as Alex hot-wired it.

The car peeled out of the drive-way, leaving the broken-down house and slowly bleeding corpse behind, both boys not knowing where they were headed or what was about to happen.

Well, that took me places I wasn’t expecting. I think I may turn this into something larger later. I’m feeling pretty inspired by Daniel and Alex’s story right now.

See Y’all Later!

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