Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out III

Hey, Y’all!

Here is part 3 of Let Us Out!

Alex dropped the second body and turned, quickly and silently moving down the hall. When these two goons never reported back, more would be coming and it would be eventually discovered that he and the idiot were out of their cell.

Daniel scrambled to catch up with Alex as he started to leave him behind.

“Why are you leaving me behind?”

“I’m not leaving you behind. I’m getting out of here and if you don’t keep up, that’s your problem. But I recommend keeping up.”

Daniel knew he was in trouble simply being able to keep up with Alex while walking. Alex was at least half a foot taller than his 5’9″, all in his legs. If there was any obstacles, he was screwed.

They managed to make it down several hallways, all of which looked the same to Daniel before they heard more footsteps.

“Now what?!”

Alex hissed, “Shhh!”

He spotted a vent up above their heads that he knew he would be able to access but he would have to boost Daniel into it. He jumped up and clung up to the wall, yanking the vent cover out of hte wall, glad to find it nearly falling out on its own. Clearly, like everything else in this building, the upkeep of hte vents weren’t any higher than the cells. It concerned him about climbing into it but the footsteps were drawing closer. They didn’t have any other option nor any time to figure it out.

Alex landed back on the ground and gestured for Daniel to step up on his hands.

“Are you nuts?!”

“Do you see any other options? Move!”

Against his better option, Daniel put his foot, and his trust for his life, in Alex’s hands and got boosted up and essentially tossed in the vent. Alex quickly followed, shoving Daniel further down.

“Move! There’s no time to waste!”

Despite having absolutely no idea where he was going, Daniel started crawling. Alex knew they needed to move, unless whoever was coming down the hall was blind, they were bound to see the vent cover on the ground. With any luck, they’ll just assume it fell on its own with the condition this building was in. But he didn’t count on luck being in their favor.

Eventually, they came to another vent opening, Daniel pushing against it and just managing to pop it open. He hadn’t expected it to go, but Alex had hoped it would be in the same shoddy condition the first one was. They climbed down out of hte vent, Alex constantly scanning the hall, knowing there was no way to be prepared coming out blind.

It appeared to be clear… until, “Hello, Gentlemen.”

They both whirled around, Alex seeing an unfamiliar man at the end of the hall and no clearer as to why he was here.

Daniel was a different matter.

Who does Daniel see, just how does he know them??

See Y’all Later!

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