Monday Short Tale: Let Us Out!

Hey, Ya’ll!

Welcome to the first Monday Short Tale of 2021. I plan on making at least two weekly posts every week. I’ll be trying something new that I think will help me succeed at that. There may be additional post(s) each week as I come up with something I want to say or if something happens I want to talk about here. But for now, there will be at least two posts.

Without further ado:

“This is bad. This is bad, bad, bad!”

“You said that already.”

“It seemed worth repeating.”

Daniel withered under the force of the other’s glare before he spoke once more, irritation more than clear in his bass tone, “Whining about how dire our situation is, is in fact not doing anything about getting us out of here. So, perhaps, instead of whining, you could put yourself to use by looking for something we can use to either break that door down or pick the lock.”

With that, Alex turned his back on Daniel and proceeded to do just as he’d ordered.

Daniel, in the ultimate show of maturity, stuck his tongue out at Alex’s back before quickly turning to at least appear he was working in case Alex turned around. He could see nothing immediately that would actually help them out and thought it was a waste of time.

Eventually, for lack of another solution, Daniel did in fact start searching for something to break their way out of this cell.

“Ugh, this is pointless.”

Alex briefly glanced at Daniel’s form where he’d collapsed next to the door, pout fully formed on his face.

He returned his attention to the brick he’d found loose in the wall, “Quit pouting.”

“I’m not pouting.”

Daniel resolutely refused to admit he was, in fact, pouting, lower lip stuck out, brows furrowed. He was far too old to be pouting after all.

“What are you doing anyway? Trying to dig out through the wall? That’s not gonna work, that wall’s way too thick.”


Daniel’s interest was fully peaked and he pulled himself back up to his feet. But before he could make his way to where Alex was clearly doing something to the wall at the back of the cell, Alex turned, brick in hand.

Alex made his way to the door and one smash later, the door handle was broken off, brick shattered into pieces and the large door was swinging open.

“Ladies first.”

Daniel flipped Alex off but didn’t reject the opportunity to get out of the cell first, especially wanting to get out in case anyone came to investigate the crashing noise.

With that, we will see where this goes next week, perhaps… Let me know in the comments what trouble you think they’ve gotten themselves into, how these two bickering boys have come to meet and what you might see coming next with what you’ve read so far… I’ll always read and respond.

See y’all later!

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