Welcome to Shadows&SUnshine

Hey, Ya’ll!

So, It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Yeah, I took the month of July off which was great but when it was time to return, I still didn’t feel ready. My headspace hasn’t been right for a while. I didn’t struggle with having to stay home like a lot of people talked about on social media, but I’m very much an ambivert. I enjoy socializing with others, but I need an equal amount of time to recharge my batteries at home. My issue, I think, was I run my own business and for 3 1/2 months, my business was effectively closed due to Covid-19 as my pet-care business depends upon travel which was banned. Not only leaving me at loose ends, which I’d been working on getting better about anyway as I’ve struggled with not feeling productive if I’m not doing something all the time; but also worrying about my livelihood, about finances, my business surviving it all.

Then, when it did come back, slowly, in June, it was still very slow and I was struggling still with the same finances issues and feeling unproductive. I found things to fill my time but none of my goals for 2020 were able to be fulfilled as I no longer had the money for it or the enthusiasm as 2020 just went to hell in a handbasket several times.


I’m back now, I’m doing better, did a lot of soul-searching and self-care; and I have new plans for Shadows & Sunshine. Yes, the blog has another name but I feel really good about this one. I’ve also upgraded the blog so it’s a true website with its own actual domain: shadowsnsunshine.com. I have plans which will be slowly implemented of making this a community where everyone will feel welcome. I had some of these plans back in early this year which got side-lined and I’ve come up with new ones in the three months off. So look forward to those.

Shadows & Sunshine is still a Lifestyle blog; but it will be far more personal in regards to me than it was before. It’ll truly be a lifestyle blog in regards to my life. I’ll still be posting my writing pieces, as my writing is me; but there will be more photos and animal stories from my adventures in my business, there will be posts on hobbies and such that I’m taking/I’ve taken up, updates on how I’m getting in better health and shape and just general bits from my life.

My business, Paula’s Pet Paradise, is also doing better than it was, slowly recovering the steam it’d had back in early March, and my enthusiasm for everything is back, I’ve even recovered my enthusiasm for writing and I’ve got a lot of ideas rolling around in my head for new novels and actually want to edit previously written ones.

I’ll also explain the new name and tagline in a later post. There is a reason for both, I promise.

So, I’m going to leave this here. I just wanted to drop in and let ya’ll know how everything’s going, that I’m back and will be posting regularly again-not going to say how regularly just yet.

Today starts a new journey for us at Shadows & Sunshine. I thought it would be fitting that it would start on November 8 since that’s when my life began at 11:41 pm. (And no, I’m not going to say how many years ago on November 8 I was born-you’re not getting that out of me yet)

See ya’ll Later! Bye!

No matter how dark it is; there is always a rainbow to be found

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