Monday Short Tale: You Left Me!

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven! 

“Ow!! Ow, ow, Shit, Ow!” 

Beckett shook out his throbbing hand, the fingers pulsing and he could already see the bruise coming up on the knuckles that had made contact. 

Meanwhile, his former best friend he’d hit was standing in front of him, staring at him, total deadpan look on his face. 

“Why do you look completely unaffected.” 

Damien shrugged, “I’m not completely human anymore. Remember that next time you want to punch me in the face.”

“What do you mean, you’re not human anymore. You sure look it to me. Except the unaffected by being punched in the face and breaking my fist with your face parts.” 

“I said completely human. And don’t try to fool me, you made me this way.” 

 Beckett didn’t bother hiding the baffled look on his face, “What do you mean, I made you that way? I haven’t seen you in three years! You just up and vanished that summer after high school!”

“After you abandoned me! We were supposed to take a gap year, head out that summer and you never freaking showed!”

“My Mother got sick, I told you we needed to wait a few weeks. But when I showed up to the meeting place, you never showed! I learned later you were long gone!”

“What do you mean, you told me you needed to wait? I never got any message. I sent you a message telling I was leaving since you’d decided to back out.” 

“I never got that message. What do you mean, you never got my message. You sent me a reply telling me it was fine!”

“That wasn’t me since I never got your first message.”  

Beckett could see in Damien’s brown eyes he was telling the truth. 

“Who interfered then, and why? And I still don’t understand how I made you ‘not completely human.'”

Before Damien could respond, another person entered the room.

They raised a gun towards Beckett, “Sorry, but you know too much.” 

As the gun fired, Beckett braced himself for the hit as there wasn’t time to dodge. 

But the next thing he knew, his back was slamming to the floor, head hitting moments later as Damien slammed into him. The two consecutive hits caused him to black out.

When Beckett came to, he was slung over Damien’s shoulder, bouncing and jostling as Damien kept running through the forest Beckett remembered coming through before he’d been knocked out and woke up with Damien earlier. 

“Wh-Where are we?” 



“I don’t know.” 


©Paula Crofoot

That’s all for now. I may write more for Beckett and Damien later. After all, Where are they going? What happened to Damien that a punch no longer affects him, he’s faster than a bullet and can carry Beckett like he’s a sack of flour? 

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


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