Belated Monday Short Tale: Why?

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

Things will get back to normal around here, I promise. It’s all in a flux, as I’m sure many of you are experiencing yourselves, due to Covid-19. 

Without anymore delay, here is this week’s short tale. 

Sunny stood stock still, staring at the scene of destruction, blue eyes wide in shock. She wasn’t alone.

When she’d left the school library the night before, it’d been the usual quiet room, occasional page turning, pen scratching, not many students with it being so late as she’d left just shortly before closing, thanks to the stupid paper she’d had due today. 

Now, however, it was the completely opposite. Books were tumbled all over the floor, no one sure if any were ripped but certain spines had been broken. Bookshelves fallen over leaning on one another or were in pieces. Key boards were dangling from the computer station, mice mysteriously missing, computers screens either snow-screened or completely smashed. The resource desk had been turned upside down, computer smashed and paperwork surrounding it on the floor. All of the inspirational posters had either been defaced or were ripped off, leaving only the pinned corners as evidence they’d been there. Spray painted across the back wall of the library, ruining the recently painted mural was the words, ‘Give Up, Nerds & Losers!!’ 

No one had any idea who could do something like this. Even the known bullies wouldn’t be so cruel as all the students depended on the library and the slackers wouldn’t interfere with the nerds and geeks doing their homework for them. 

It wasn’t long before it was all over school, classmates who’d been able to see the library before it had been closed off from them sharing pictures they’d snapped on their phones. 

Only one person had an idea of who might’ve done this. Without anyone noticing, not that many of her classmates knew she existed; Lizzie slipped down to the basement of the school. 

It didn’t take her much effort to find her only friend where she knew she’d be. When they weren’t in class, Emma could be counted on to be found down here. Students weren’t normally allowed down here but Emma was tight with the janitorial staff of the school who let her in anywhere she wanted. 

Emma was lounging on her couch she’d gotten from who knows where, Emma had a odd ability to do things most couldn’t, and Lizzie sat on the not-matching chair, studying her friend. 

She eventually returned the stare, “What?” 

“Why did you do that?” 

“Pure Spite.” 

Lizzie was puzzled, of course Emma would know what she was talking about but what spite was she referring to. 

“Spite for who?” 

Emma waved her hand lazily towards above them, “All of them.” 

“Who’s they? What did they do to you? I know you don’t have any other friends but I thought you didn’t care since you weren’t planning on hanging around here after high school anyway?” 

They is our entire class and no, I don’t care about their treatment of me. But I do care about their treatment of you.”

“Me? Wha-“

“Didn’t you just tell me about Miss So Popular Sunny making fun of you for always studying yesterday?” 

“Well, yes, bu-” 

“And didn’t Bella and her friends just push you around in the bathroom yesterday, soaking your new sweater and ruining it?” 

“Yes, bu-” 

“And don’t tell me that bruise on your cheek last week came from running into a door. We both know it came from Daniels and his friends throwing that stupid soccer ball around and not caring that they hit you.” 

Lizzie winced, “Well, yes. But why the library?” 

“Everyone depends on it. Without it, none of them will have any idea of how to do their homework or study, even the nerds. IT’s like none of them have ever heard of the public library. ‘Sides, the library is just the start.” 

“There’s more?” 

“Oh, yeah. Just wait…” 

“What if they catch you? Everyone’s going to be watching like eagles.”  

“No worries. Everything else is already set up. It’ll just take time for it all to be discovered. There’s no way for them to link it to either of us. And if they do, I’ll take the rap. I don’t care if I get my G.E.D. instead of a diploma. You’re on track to become valedictorian and leave them in the dust. In a week, none of them will be able to touch you but they shouldn’t get off Scot-free for their treatment of you all these years.” 

Knowing how stubborn Emma could be; after all, it was why they were friends as Emma had refused to give up making a friend out of Lizzie four years previous. Lizzie knew there was no way she could convince Emma to give up on her sudden revenge scheme. 

“Well, it’s time for class. Shall we?” 

Emma rolled to her feet, grabbing her backpack even as Lizzie stood, primly dusting off her jeans and shirt, “I suppose.” 

-Fin (For Now) 

©Paula Crofoot


Well, that’s all for now. I may write more on Emma and Lizzie, maybe some more of what Emma has planned. No doubt, Sunny, Bella and Daniels are about to get their comeuppance. But hopefully, none that would come back to bite Emma or Lizzie. 

Stay Safe!!

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


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