Month: March 2020

Monday Short Tale: Mission-Ground Zero

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!    “You just broke protocol number five-twenty!”  “Seriously?! We’re trying to cheat death and you’re worried about protocol?!”  “Well, pardon me for trying to keep us out of jail if we survive this!” Anya paused to… Continue Reading “Monday Short Tale: Mission-Ground Zero”

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Break; Hear; Dance

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!             Enjoy your writing prompts and feel free to post what you come up with on Simply Paradise & Haven’s Facebook Community. Have fun and stay safe!  ‘Til Next Time, Friends! … Continue Reading “Wednesday Writing Prompts: Break; Hear; Dance”

Belated Monday Short Tale: Why?

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven.  Things will get back to normal around here, I promise. It’s all in a flux, as I’m sure many of you are experiencing yourselves, due to Covid-19.  Without anymore delay, here is this week’s short tale. … Continue Reading “Belated Monday Short Tale: Why?”

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Lights; Names; Pet

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!  Well… What’s that quote about best plans? “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it.” Yeah, that pretty much happened… Continue Reading “Wednesday Writing Prompts: Lights; Names; Pet”

Wednesday Writing Prompts: Death; Sorry; Car;

Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven.  Hey, ya’ll! Sorry about my absence. The first week was a crazy week where I was doing a special job that required all of my attention for the first half and the second half, I arrived at a… Continue Reading “Wednesday Writing Prompts: Death; Sorry; Car;”

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