Monday Short Tale: What is Love?

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven.

Silence fell over the group of friends. 

Finally, Anna asked, “What did you ask again, Twyla?” 

“I asked what is love? In your own perspective, what is love?” 

Owen answered, “Painful but worth it.” 

Lila responded, “A roller coaster ride.” 

Michael hesitated but voiced, “never-ending.”

“An emotional minefield.” 

Anna received several nods of consideration with her answer but it was Skye’s answer that cast silence over the friends once more. 

“Love is a neurochemical con job.” 

Skye could see wheels turning in Owen and Anna’s minds, Lila and Michael opened their mouths a couple of times, clearly trying to come up with a response. 

Twyla blinked, looking at Skye’s deadpan face, clearly she meant what she said. 

Michael finally asked, “A neurochemical con job? Uh, wanna explain that?” 

“Love is all in the mind, making it a neurochemical process. It’s not real, despite what media wants you to believe. It’s something our minds fool us into believing  so we’ll believe we’re happy depending on other people. Honestly, we’re all independent humans, just as humanity is. As such, it’s a con job, only instead of a person being the conman(woman); it’s our own brain.” 

No one honestly knew how to respond to that but it was clear Skye truly believed her own words. 

Anna finally mustered, “How do you explain the love between a mother and child, between friends?” 

“That isn’t love. That’s affection that convinces a mother to care for a helpless child and the child shares the affection as the mother is caring for it. Friendship is simply a bond between packmates that support one another. Humans aren’t that far departed from animal-kind after all.” 

Owen finally decided to change the subject before they ventured into anything more dangerous. 

“Anyone want to see a movie?” 


©Paula Crofoot

Now of course Skye’s perception of love isn’t my personal viewpoint on love. But it was quite interesting writing from the point of view of such an anti-love character. Kinda makes you wonder why she’s so anti-love, doesn’t it? 

‘Til Next Time! 


Kiss Me. Kiss me as if it were the last time.

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