Monday Short Tale: Wooing the Were Way.

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven! 

Here is our Monday Short Tale for the week. Keeping with the theme of February, it’ll be a romantic piece. 

Reggi sighed in exasperation as she opened her door. There was yet another plant on her doorstep. She wasn’t sure where these plants were coming from but the slightly wilted potato plants made number 5. She scooped them up and closed her door, deciding to try leaving for work in a moment. First, she needed to put these potato plants in a bit of water in hopes of being able to replant them after work. 

Once she’d done so and washed her hands, she tried heading out the door once more, needing to leave for work now if she didn’t want to be late. 

She made it out without further issue. She dialed her best friend Mercedes, using the sync system in her car, needing to give her the latest update on the plant shenanigans. 

“Hi, Reggi. I’m guessing you found another plant?” 

“How’d you know?” 

“You never call this early otherwise.” 

“Yes, potato plants this time. Honestly, who is doing this and what are they hoping to gain from it?” 

“I’m more curious as to where they’re finding these plants. From what you showed me, they look like they’re freshly picked.” 

“Sometimes even as a whole plant, such as the potato plants today. The roots were still connected!” 

“Are you going to try to replant them?” 

“That’s my hope. I set the roots in some water before leaving, hoping it’ll still be savable after work. The poor things were already wilting though so who knows.” 

“Only you. Anyone else wouldn’t care about the wilting. They’d just pick the potatoes and dump the rest.” 

“The potatoes aren’t mature enough for picking. Add to that the fact it would be total waste to just dump the rest of the plant when it can produce more potatoes this season.” 

“And only you would know that the potatoes aren’t ready.” 

“I’m not the only one that would know that but I need to know these things if I’m going to continue as a vegetarian.” 

“Bleh. Each to their own.” 

“Exactly. You eat your meat, I’ll eat my plants. I’m here at work so I’ll talk to you later.” 

“Talk to you later. We’ll see what happens next.” 


Glenn noticed, pleased, as he put the next plant on the doorstep that the potato plants from the day before were in her garden. It might not be the customary wooing of a mate but when your chosen one doesn’t eat meat, you adapt. He’d question her fit as a mate of his kind except he’d already discovered she wasn’t one of those righteous vegetarians who looked down those who ate meat and everything else about her sang right to his instincts. He only hoped she’d like this plant as much as she’d liked those cauliflowers she’d made into pasta a few days before. 


Opening the door, “Oh, Come on! This has to stop!” 

Reggi heaved the rather large branch inside, made all the heavier by the fact it bore several apples. She left the branch in the kitchen, there was no saving it and picking the apples right now would only hasten their going bad. Though she did grab one, douse in the sink before heading out with it as a snack. 

She immediately called Mercedes and before Mercedes could get out much more than a hi, “We have to stop this!” 

“Hon, what happened? This wasn’t bothering you yesterday, or this entire last week.” 

“That was before I had an entire branch from an apple tree on my doorstep.” 


“An apple tree branch?” 


“As in a branch totally chopped off an apple tree, not the apples in a basket.” 

“Yes, as in a branch that is currently sitting on the linoleum of my kitchen for lack of anywhere else to put it or time.” 

Silence again. 

Then Reggi huffed as Mercedes broke into loud laughter. 

Once she’d eventually calmed, Reggi declared, “Are you ready to help me now?” 

“Sorry, sorry. That’s just freakin’ hilarious” 

“No, it’s not. A branch today, what will it be tomorow?” 

“You’re not seriously thinking whoever this is will bring you the tree next?” 

“It’s possible! That’s what scares me. A bunch of carrots, a few tomatoes, a couple of bunches of cauliflower, a few bunches of grapes. Then suddenly potato plants. And now a apple tree branch? Who knows what’s next! We need to find who’s doing this and stop them.” 

“Alright, alright. We’ll start with a ring doorbell. That will not only grab video evidence but will also chime to let you know they’re there. You can confront them then.” 

“Can you help me after work?” 

“Yes. I’ll meet you at your house with a doorbell.” 


Glenn dropped into a crouch to the side of the door, dropping his latest gift, when he heard a chime. 

Suddenly, the door opened and his mate stepped out. He pressed further back into the house, keeping in the shadows. 

“Who’s there! I know someone’s there. My doorbell caught your movement and these ears of corn weren’t there when I went to bed.” 

Glenn winced as he heard the frustration in her voice. 

He stood and stepped out of the shadows. 


Reggi’s jaw dropped as one of the hottest guys at her work stepped out. Dark brown hair always looking like he’d just gotten out of bed, light blue eyes either smoldering or icy, tall and well muscled, it was well known around the office that Glenn was one of the most wanted men. 

“You’re leaving the plants, but why??” 

“You don’t eat meat. So the best thing I could hunt for was plants, never mind that it’s technically gathering and not hunting.” 

“Okay… But that still doesn’t explain why you’re leaving plants on my doorstep.” 

“It’s what my people do when we’re interested in someone.” 

“Your people? What happened to simply asking someone out?” 

“We’re not inclined to that kind of social behavior. We’ve integrated among the normals but there are still many things we hold over.” 

Reggi crossed her arms, “You still didn’t answer my question of your people. And what do you mean ‘the normals’?” 

“There are many heritages of people among what we call normals, people that don’t have the gifts or heritages. My people are Weres.” 

Reggi took a step back, “Weres? as in werewolves? Like Twilight?” 

Glen crossed his arms, scowling, eyes now icy, “Yes, like werewolves but also other breeds. And no, not like that fiction series. Those books are an insult to my people. And even worse to the vampire clans.” 

Reggi paused, mind struggling to make sense of this. She supposed that he was clearly right in that they weren’t like the books. After all, nowhere in those books did werewolves leave plants on doorsteps. He clearly meant her no harm so she supposed it’d be alright for her to give him a chance. Provided of course… 

“Alright. I’ll give this a chance. But you need to actually ask me out and no more plants on my doorstep.” 

Glen grinned, blue eyes now smoldering, “Fair enough. Are you free this Friday night? Besides, now I can give them to you directly.” 

“Yes, I’m free this Friday night.”

Reggi resigned herself to never needing to worry about spending too much on vegetables and fruit again. 

~Fin(For Now) 

©Paula Crofoot

That’s all for now. I don’t know, I may write more on this in the future. Glenn and Reggi have kind of caught my attention now. Comment below if you want more.

Also, it’s still a work in progress but Simply Haven & Paradise now has a community page on Facebook.  Simply Paradise & Haven Please feel free to comment there as well. I’m hoping to build it into the community page that I can’t yet develop here where we can all chat and get to know each other. 

‘Til Next Time! 


The undertaking of a new action brings new strength.





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