2020 Goals: Challenges; Movies; Research; IHC; PPP; SP&H;

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

This’ll be my last in depth post on my 2020 goals. All future posts on my goals will be update posts which I plan to do at least one a month with a quick update. Probably the last Friday of each month. 

My challenges goal is simple enough. I’ve found a few personal and a few health challenges on Pinterest. Each month I’m challenging myself to a personal challenge and to a health challenge. By personal, I mean like January was list challenge, I made a list each day of whatever the theme for that day was. It was a bit of a journaling challenge. I’m also doing a self-care challenge, organizing challenge, simplicity challenge, flash fiction challenge, drawing challenge, Inktober challenge. I’m challenging myself to become better, whether it’s better at taking care of myself, better at drawing, better at writing, I’m actively working to better myself. The health challenges tie in with that as well along with my weight goal.  There’s a glow up challenge, flexibility, abs, plank, legs, yoga, waist, arms, butt and leg, different abs, spell your name-which that one will kick my butt with how long my name is except I left it to December on purpose, and a general work out challenge. I’ve also chosen a few to be year long-such as the drawing/water color challenge on Doodlewash, 12 month Better You, 12 month Money, 52 weeks of Gratitude. Now, I’m not aiming to hit every single day, that’s just not possible for more than one challenge, 366 days. But rather, I’m aiming for at least 50% each month. I’ll still better myself doing that much. 

My movies goal is also simple. It’s also more than just 2020. One movie goal is to see every single Disney movie there is. I have a list of the animated and non-animated I found via Pinterest and a couple of other sites. I can post it here if any of you are interested. But not only are there hundreds of movies but some are really old and will be difficult to find. Fortunately, I own a lot of the animated movies from the ’90s forward. Obviously, I’m not making that one this year so the end date for that one is 2024. Yes, I think it’ll take me 4 years to watch all of them. The other movie goal is to watch the entire Marvel universe, in order. That one I will be doing this year.

My research goal is equally simple. I have a lot of different interests. So every other month, I’ll be picking a few interest to research in depth. January/February is Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder. I’m fascinated with how the mind works. But because my library, despite the multiple branches being connected, doesn’t have a lot of literature on that topic, I’m also researching hoarding. I’m also researching dogs, cats, and other house pets. I’m expanding my knowledge for my career but also looking at breeds and such that I may like to own in the future. If you have any pets, I’d love to hear about them. I’ll be making a Friday Focus post on what I’ve learned through my research each month. 

Now, IHC… For those that have been here for a while, you’ll know IHC is Imaginative HandiCrafts. You’ll also know that IHC has been closed since November. It just wasn’t going where I’d hoped it would so I’ve closed it for the time being. However, I have a new name for it as well as a new focus. I’m really happy with where I’m headed with Imaginative HandiCrafts. My goal for 2020 is to reopen IHC under it’s new name and focus-still handmade crafts, make some sales and hopefully participate in a craft/hobby show or two. 

I also want to expand Paula’s Pet Paradise into it’s own website. Right now, I’m solely hosted on Rover which is great and has done well. But it’ll be 2 years old this February and it’s time to grow some. 

Simply Paradise & Haven will also be going under a few changes and upgrades which I’m really excited about. I’ll be sharing some more about that soon so look out for that.

I’m also going to be expanding my tea/cooking/baking knowledge/repertoire, some of which I’ll be sharing on here with you each month. So look forward to that! 

So, those are my goals for 2020. I’ll be keeping you updated on how I’m doing through a focused post each month plus some that simply evolves as I write here about my life and other posts. Please, comment below about any goals you have. I’d love to hear about them and we can be each other’s accountability partners. (How to do that will be included in an future update for Simply Paradise & Haven.)

By the way: What do you think of the new Simply Paradise & Haven logo at the top of the home page? I’d really like your thoughts on it so please comment below, even if it’s just a thumbs up emoji. 

‘Til Next time! 


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