Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully pt. 2

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

As I promised last week, here is the next part of Gus and the Class Bully.

Despite that one of their classmates was curled in a fetal ball in the middle of the hallway, tears showing, the day moved on as normal. No one either noticed or cared enough if they did to check on Gus. Some even cursed him as they had to move around him.

Silence rang around him as Gus finally uncurled around his camera. His eyes burned and his throat was sore. He put his camera back in his bag, scooping the shattered lens into one of the pockets. Uncaring about the classes he was missing, he slowly made his way out of the school, ignoring his locker.

Gus headed home, knowing his parents wouldn’t be home; his father would be off working his blue-collar job and his mother likely at her bingo games, drinking her weight in vodka as usual. He dug his savings bank out from under his bed, counting his money once more.

Theodore had crossed the final line; his classmates had showed just how little he mattered to them in the aftermath. He could get his G.E.D. after but he couldn’t stay here anymore. Packing everything important, including the various pieces of his camera, including the shattered lens, he made his way to the local greyhound bus station. He bought a one-way ticket to the first bus headed to Los Angeles. It was as far as he could get from here without leaving the country.

No one noticed until Friday that the class scapegoat Gus hadn’t been seen since Monday. Theodore was the first to realize he hadn’t seen Gus the Wuss since he and his friends had left him in the hallway boo-hooing over a camera. Some discreet questions around, he learned that no one had seen him since first period on Monday or in the hallway after.

After school, he made his way to Gus’ house, memories from childhood flooding in as he knocked on the door. No one answered but he knew the backdoor was likely still broken. Sure enough, it was.

Gus’ room was even still the same it had been when they were friends in elementary school. Only difference was the minute layer of dust on everything.

That was the moment Theodore Black realized he’d crossed a line and run Gus not just out of school but out of town completely.

No one would see Gus Maxwell for 10 years.

-Fin(For Now)

©Paula Crofoot

There will be another piece next week. I think it’ll be the final part but we have to see where Gus ends up at, why they see him again in 10 years and just what happens to Theodore Black. Plus, we still have to answer how they wound up at this point. 

‘Til Next Time! 


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