2020 Goals: Writing; Books; + Debt /Savings

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to SP&H. 

I gave an overview of my 2020 goals last week as well as some extra detail on my weight loss goals and skills goals. This week, I want to delve into my goals on writing, books, (and yes, they’re different goals) and my debt/saving. 

First, my goals on my writing. As I mentioned, I have several manuscripts that are finished, in varying stages. I have one that is finished, ready to go; five that are finished, just need final editing; five that are in progress-varying stages of progress. A couple are near halfway through, a couple that are just started, and one that was my November NaNoWriMo that is beyond started but not quite halfway. I also have not only old stories that I’m rereading to see if they can be made into novel worthy manuscripts but I have a lot of plot ideas that have had some fleshing out but not necessarily characters and full story lines. I have one that was supposed to be April Camp NaNoWriMo as I wanted to write the sequel to the one that is finished next month. However, that one is nudging me constantly so I think that one is going to be February’s novel while the sequel is going to be April. However, that changes the publishing plan. I can’t exactly put out a book that is the first in a series when I don’t have the second one written yet. So I’m going to finish the last editing on the other five and pick one of those. I’m thinking of my very first novel I ever finished. I’m still in love with it so I think it’ll be it. I have a writing schedule for this year for novels to write and finish. I will be published this year, even if it takes most of hte year to do so. If I can’t manage an agent and a publishing house, then I’ll go the self-publishing route. I actually know someone who did so, so I figure I can get tips from her if necessary. 

Now, my goals on books is different than publishing a book. I used to be a prolific reader as a child. To the point that I can remember when I was 12, my reading class, and yes we still had reading class up to 8th grade, my class was divided into reading groups. I read books three grade levels above my level but the reading groups had to read out of a bookshelf in our teacher’s classroom. As you can guess, those were books for 6th graders. So I read through them really fast, and still passed the Accelerated reading test. The first one done picked the next book. There was a point I was three books ahead of the others in my group and they asked if I could let them pick the next few books, I was so many ahead they were just left reading behind me and wasn’t necessarily what they wanted to read. I didn’t mind as I really wasn’t interested in any of the books; my personal books were thicker, more difficult to read, and way more interesting. However, as I grew older, got busier, had less time, I read way less. So, my goal is to read at least 52 books this year. Now, I have no doubt I’ll read more than that, but with a list of 52 books, then I’ll not only read at least one book a week, which I used to read more than that, but I also deliberately chose books that are not in my wheelhouse. I tend to read mystery, fantasy, horror/ghost, some science fiction as well as the occasional blank fiction. So I stepped out and chose a couple of classics, a few romances, but also chose some that are in genres I already read. I may do some book reviews on here as I read the ones on my list. 

My debt goal is pretty self-explanatory. I’m self-employed but have some credit card debt from when I had a full time job as well as school loans. As for my saving goals, I not only want to save an emergency fund, for a Canon EOS 4000 Rebel T100 DSLR camera, GoPro Hero7, an elliptical machine, a treadmill, a bike-not sure which one yet, a Cricut machine that will help me greatly with crafting, a Nintendo switch, rotary tool kit, airbrush cake machine and a paintjob for my SUV. I doubt I’ll be able to save for everything this year as I am self-employed but I’m hoping to expand a few things into income alongside Paula’s Pet Paradise and Imaginative HandiCraft’s new image. My top goals are the emergency fund, cameras, Nintendo Switch, Cricut machine, a bike, and a paintjob for my SUV. I love my SUV but I hate his plain silver color. The Cricut machine will help me with my crafting endeavors, as will the rotary tool kit and the airbrush cake machine helps me with my baking. I love taking pictures but don’t have a good camera beyond the ones on my phone. I have a digital camera but it’s a basic point and shoot camera that I call Temperamental for a reason. The elliptical machine, treadmill will help with my health as well as the bike but I want to start hitting the trails with the bike also. (Of course, a goal with the bike is to relearn how to ride it. I fell, apparently, at a young age and stopped riding. I can remember the basics but I haven’ been on the bike in over 10 years so I say I can’t ride a bike.) I love video games, I am a video game geek, but my last systems are a Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. So I need the new switch and am even open to other systems. The emergency fund is just so I can breath easier when one month’s income might not be quite enough. 

So, those are my writing, book and debt/savings goals for 2020. Comment down below if you have any similar goals, we can be each others accountability partners.  

‘Til Next Time! 


Be faithful to that which exists within yourself.

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