Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully.

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to SP&H! 

Here is this week’s Short Tale. 

Gus hunched his shoulders forward, right hand clasping the strap of his bookbag tightly, as he made his way through the hallway. He could hear his peers snickering at him, talking about him even as he tried to slip through the crowd unnoticed. He knew it was his latest performance in Algebra II that everyone had found to be the newest joke. 

No matter how hard he tried, they only laughed at him. Whether it was math class or drama class, he was always the class joke, yet not the class clown. He was a game to them, he doesn’t matter to them. He was reaching his breaking point, something had to give. His only saving grace was his cameras. He had long lost interest in filming or photographing his classmates, but the rest of this town provided some good pictures and good film. Now, he just needed to get out of here before this school destroyed everything he had left. 

He flinched as he was shoved in the back, barely keeping himself from falling on his face. His grip tightened on his bag, he’d prefer them break his nose than break his camera in his bag.

He felt his shoulder be grabbed, yanking his body around in an 180 to face the junior class bully, Theodore.

Theodore sneered, “What do we have here.”

Gus resisted his wince, he hated facing off with Theodore. They had been friends once upon a time, before Theodore became the class bully, leaving him behind.  

“What do you want, Theodore.” 

“Why do you keep clogging up our hallways? We barely have enough room in this school without people like you taking up space.” 

“I’m simply trying to get through high school like you.” 

“But you’re not like us, are you? We’d be better off without the likes of you around.” 

With that, Theodore shoved Gus hard enough, his feet went out from under him, sending him backwards. His  bag landed on top of him, to his relief of it not hitting the floor and immediate horror as one of Theodore’s lackeys snatched his bag out of his grasp and tossed it to Theodore. 

Theodore scavenged in it, “Let’s see what’s so important in this bag that this freak guards it, never letting it out of his hands.” 

Gus paled as Theodore pulled his camera out. That camera had cost him three paychecks from his dead end part time job and was one of his only escapes. 

His heart stopped as Theodore threw the camera down on the floor shattering the lenses.

Apparently deciding that was enough damage, Theodore tossed his bag down and told his lackeys, “Let’s go guys.”

Gus pulled himself up to crouch over his broken camera, unable to hold the tears back. There was no way he’d be able to afford a new lenses for his camera. He’d lost one of his most important pieces to his very being.

Theodore squashed the small part of him that still existed of Gus’ old friend that felt any guilt over how he and his lackeys left Gus crying in the hallway.

-To Be Continued

©Paula Crofoot

That ended up being more than I expected so I think I’ll continue this piece next week. There’s still a lot more for Gus and Theodore. Not to mention, what happened to Theodore that he became the class bully? Why did he cut his friendship with Gus off? Why is Gus the class joke to everyone? What’s so different about him? So, I’ll be continuing this tale.

‘Til Next Time!



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