2020 Goals

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

As promised, here is my post on my goals for 2020 + just a bit about SP&H’s future. I have multiple goals for 2020 as that’s just how I roll. I never go for just one thing, I go big or go home. But I also don’t shoot for only perfection. I make goals with a specific achievement point. Sure, some are only achieved if I complete the goal but others are a starting point to be finished next year or later. 

I’ll be listing the goals in this post but will be going more in depth on each goal in future Friday posts for January. 

  1. Learn a new skill: Knitting/needlework/woodworking. I’m not aiming to master either of these skills, I’m aiming to learn the basics in them. 
  2. Master a skill: Perler beadwork/Painting(acrylic/oil/watercolor)/miniatures/crochet/paper(quill/cards/stamps) Now, when I say master, I don’t mean like Picasso level or anything like that. That’s a little much for one year. I simply want to get 2-3 levels accomplishment on these skills above where I am at right now. 
  3. Publish at least 1 book. This one is pretty self-explanatory. I have several novels finished, a couple more that need a little more editing and several more in the brainstorm stage. It is one of my dreams to be a published author and 2020 is hte year I make it happen. 
  4. Lose weight. This is a two year goal as my goal weight is too much to achieve this year and actually keep the weight off. So I’ve split it. This year, my goal is to lose 82 pounds. That’s about a 1 1/2-2 pounds a week. It’s definitely achievable as there will be weeks I don’t lose anything but there will also be weeks I lost more than 1-2 pounds. 
  5. Cut down my Debt and Build up my Savings. My debt to income ratio, especially for someone self-employed, is way out of wack, even before counting my school loans. I also don’t have much in savings and I have a few expensive things I want to save up for. 
  6. Reopen Imaginative HandiCrafts. Imaginative HandiCrafts is currently closed. It wasn’t going anywhere, I hadn’t sold near as much as I’d hoped, and had been open for a few years. So I’ve spent the last couple of months and will be spending a few more months working on it’s new focus and name. 
  7. Grow Paula’s Pet Paradise. Another goal focused on my career: I’m planning to expand Paula’s Pet Paradise in 2020.
  8. Expand Social Media Presence and Blog. This is a goal to do with my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook presence as well as Simply Paradise & Haven. I want to grow my follower numbers on the first three and grow Simply Paradise & Haven into my vision for this blog. First step will be more posts. I’ve come up with a schedule for my posts on SP&H as well as @paulacrofoot &@ATexansHealthfulJourney on Instagram; @Haven_inShadows on Twitter; and the Paula’s Pet Paradise page, Imaginative HandiCrafts and Simply Paradise & Haven page on Facebook. The links for all either are, or will be, below. I will be posting Monday Short Tales on Monday, Wednesday Writing Prompts on Wednesdays, a focused post on Fridays, such as January is on my goals, and at least one art post and one baking post on two Saturdays. So Monday Short Tales; Wednesday Writing Prompts; Friday Focuses; Saturday Specials. We’ll see what else may pop up. Another aim for Simply Paradise & Haven here is a community page where we can all chat and interact. It may be that the Facebook page has to be that but I will keep you updated as well as any other changes. 
  9. Research at least 6 interests. I have several personal interests and will be researching at least one for two months every two months. Some interests are also for current and future novels. January’s, for instance, is Future personal pets as well as MPD/DID and Hoarding.
  10. Read 52 books. I intend to read a book for each week, even if I might not manage to read a book a week. Sometimes I’m busy enough or simply too tired to focus on a book. But I was an obsessed reader when I was younger and with this challenge, want to get back in the habit and make time. 
  11. Do a challenge each month. I actually have two challenges each month as well as a few that are year long. One challenge is a work-out challenge to help with my focus on weight loss and better shape and the other is something special. January’s is a list-making challenge. I’ll explain the year long challenges in the next post focused on the challenges goal. 
  12. Write every day. I plan on writing something, even if just a 500 word 5 minute short story, every day. I hate it when I don’t write, it just doesn’t feel right. 
  13. Continue my tea/baking/cooking education. This goes not only to two of my passions but one of my dreams in a few years. So I’ll be continuing to work on expanding my baking/cooking repertoire and expanding my tea knowledge. 
  14. Learn a new language. I won’t be starting this goal until June but I want to learn the basics in a new language this year. I haven’t decided which one yet, I have a few I want to learn. 
  15. Watch every Disney movie and watch through the Marvel Universe. I want to challenge myself to watch every single Disney movie that exists and watch my way through the Marvel Universe. I’ve watched a couple of them but not all of them yet. I have other tv shows I’m planning to watch in their entirety as well. 

So, those are my goals for 2020. Now, the goals I’m going into a bit more detail on in this posts, are the skills and weight goals. 

I’ve been working on learning crochet for a few years, first with my grandma and, when she passed away, in her memory. But I definitely have room to improve-a lot of room. I’ve been fascinated with knitting for a few months now so I want to learn it as well. I also want to learn needlework after some of the works I’ve seen on Pinterest. I made my mom an small armoire for Christmas in 2018 and want to get better at woodwork. Now, I need some room for this one so it may have to wait until later 2020. I am currently  OBSESSED with painting. I’ve had so many ideas lately and my painting is actually looking really good. But I want to continue working with acrylics and get better with oil and watercolor. Watercolor is actually one of my yearlong challenges. I have this long-term goal of creating a miniature universe. By universe, I mean I want to recreate some of my favorite cartoon/anime/live shows and movies, some of my favorite books and a general universe, in 1:6 scale. Perler beadwork, if you’re not sure, are those small plastic beads that you then melt together to make various images. Like painting, I’m currently OBSESSED with this. The future IHC will likely feature some Perler beadwork and paintings. I want to get better with making paper cards, which includes stamps. I made my Christmas cards in 2019. I love quilling paper, it’s the form of taking small strips and curling them into various forms and shapes. I want to learn or get better at each of these skills in 2020. 

Like I said, I want to lose 82 pounds this year. My weight has long since been an issue for me. I wasn’t a small child, though always tall for my age, I was just a little chubby. But it wasn’t until I was a teenager with puberty that my weight really blew out of proportion. I had health issues when I was 16, pre-diabetes and liver to be specific. I lost some weight and got rid of the health issues but my weight was still over what it should be. Now that I’m older, several years beyond 16, those health issues haven’t come back but I’m on my feet so much as a professional pet-caretaker, my knees are beginning to struggle. There are also things, such as sky-diving and bungee-jumping, that I want to do and things I want to do that I either cannot do at all or not do well at my current weight. Plus, to be honest, I simply want to feel better about my body and my health. Weight loss is key as well as getting into better shape. I’ve lost one pound already. 

So I’ll be doing periodic updates on this goal on Instagram (@atexanshealthfuljourney) as well as here on SP&H. I’ll be making occasional updates on each goal on here actually. 

If you have any goals, please comment down below. I promise I will respond. We can be each other’s accountability partners. (Which will be easier with the future community page) 

-Til Next Time!



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