Christmas Gift: A Happy Ending

Hey, Ya’ll! 

This last week was just as busy as I’d expected it to be. I feel very productive though. I got my Christmas cards, both professional printed and personal handmade, in the mail; most of my handmade gifts made and all but the last few gifts wrapped. I even repaired a pair of jeans that last minute was requested of me to fix. 

I have three more gifts to finish. Well, one to finish and two to start and finish. The one gift just needs a couple of last details to it and it’ll be finished. My last two gifts are a different matter. One I’ve been working on but it isn’t turning out like I’d hoped so that one may end up an IOU which I don’t like but can’t be helped. The other one I’ve been creating in my mind, I know what I want to do and it shouldn’t take me too long. But I just finished a job and I didn’t really want to create the pieces, transport them home and then assemble them. There was too much risk of damage or loss so I chose to wait until today to complete it. 

I’m also baking cookies, fudge and cherry pie these next few days and I think we’ll need tea before Christmas dinner so I’ll need to brew that as well. I brew tea at home as not only is it cheaper to buy the box of tea bags, boil water, put the tea bags in and let it simmer, pull the tea bags and pour the tea in to the jug, repeat as many times as necessary but it’s also better for us. Not only can I get the lemon, and sugar for the sweet tea, to our preferred tastes but it also doesn’t have all of the preservatives and extras that is in bottled tea. Now, it’s not completely free, after all, I do buy the bag tea, but it’s better, in my mind at least. 

So I’ve got a busy couple of days ahead of me but it’ll all be worth it come Christmas day. 

Just as a heads up, if you enjoy my writing prompts, there won’t be one this week as they’re published on Wednesday and this Wednesday is Christmas. But there will be one next week so look forward to that. 

Now for this week’s short tale. 

As he stood in the kitchen, mentally running over the menu, as knocks sounded through his small apartment.

He breathed deeply, trying to relax. That should be her. 

His girlfriend Macy was coming over today to exchange Christmas gifts before she headed home to her family for a few days. 

He was hopeful this Christmas would be better than the last. He and Macy have only been dating for a few months. It took him some time to get over the heartbreak of his last girlfriend’s reaction to the gift he’d bought her. It hadn’t appeared to be much on the outside but the actual gift had been inside. But she’d never made it that far. 

Hopefully, this Christmas won’t be like the last. His gift for Macy wasn’t the same gift, that wasn’t fair to her nor was it right as their relationship is at a different place than his with Lisa had been. But it was similar in concept and he knew his heart couldn’t take it if she reacted the same. 


Later that evening, he sat watching the fire crackle in his fireplace, heart still intact. Macy had actually found his gift creative and clever. She’d loved the small bear and hadn’t been going to find the real gift inside but he’d guided her to the small opening in the back where she’d found the sapphire earrings. Clearly, Macy was from a different mold than Lisa had been and he felt this relationship might actually make it long term. 


©Paula Crofoot

Now, this short tale is actually a sequal to one from last December. Comment down below if you can figure out which of my tales came before this one. 

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 

Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we Love, Every time we Give, It's Christmas.


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