A One Horse Sleigh Ride, Bells Jingling

Hey, ya’ll! 

I have a busy week coming ahead of me. I only have one pet job this week, until Saturday, but I have a few gifts I’m making, as well as Christmas cards for a few of my friends. I’ll give details on the gifts I’m making in January; the receiver of them drops by here occasionally and I don’t want to spoil the surprises. I’ll show the cards here, though, once they’re finished. As far as I know, their recipients don’t visit. Even if they do, they’ll be receiving them shortly anyway. 

But for today, we just have this week’s Monday Short Tale. 

Laura sighed, curling further into her coat. It was miserably cold out here, why was she doing this again? Oh, yes. Her boyfriend, Claude, asked her to meet him here. Why did he have to choose the front steps when it’s freezing cold outside? He knows she hates the cold. 

In the distance, constant jingling was heard. She poked her head out of her fur trimmed hood, nose bright red, but didn’t see anything. 

The jingling grew louder as a one horse sleigh came into view. Laura didn’t know the guy at the lead seat but behind him, bundled in some blankets was her boyfriend. 

As the sleigh came to a stop, Claude hopped out. 

Laura had a dreadful feeling what Claude had her meet him for. 

“Hi, Laura!” 

“Hi, Claude.” 


Laura gazed at the sleigh, the only good thing about it is the horse. He was adorable. But the sleigh in this cold, was bound to be miserable. 

Reading the look on her face, no matter how she tried to keep it stoic, Claude tried to boost her mood. 

“Come on, come on. I know you don’t like the cold but I’ve got a plan. But you’ve got to get in the sleigh first.” 

Laura sighed, “Fine.” 

Claude helped her up where he bundled her up with not only multiple fleece blankets but also a heating bad along her back. He then pulled out a two tumblers of hot chocolate, still warm even in this cold, from where they’d been bundled under the seat against another heating pad. 

Once he sat down next to her and they curled up together, Laura had to admit, this was actually pretty nice. And because of the way their seat was buffered by the high front seat, even once the sleigh started moving, she could barely feel the cold breeze. 

“Hmm, okay. For once, you had a pretty nice surprise.” 

Claude beamed, though careful not to move away from his girlfriend. 

“I know I make mistakes but I try to learn from tehm.” 

Laura had to admit that was true as she kissed him on the cheek and they settled in for a nice sleigh ride in a one horse sleigh around their bustling college city town. 


©Paula Crofoot


Well, that was a nice wintery one-shot. I actually enjoy the cold myself but tried to write this piece, inspired by Jingle Bells, from the view point of someone who doesn’t but has a relationship with someone who does. 

‘Til Next Time, Ya’ll!


At Christmas, all roads lead home.


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