Ice! Charlie Brown Christmas

Hey, ya’ll! 

So I went to Ice! at the Gaylord Texan resort in Grapevine, Texas. The theme this year was Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s a tradition to watch that every December. Even if I can’t find it on the tv, I own the Charlie Brown holiday specials, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown(Halloween), A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas, on DVD. 

The ice sculptures were amazing! I took pictures of all of the sculptures, right at the end, my phone lost all battery power. It was 9 degrees F in there to keep the sculptures from melting. They gave us parkas, which I will admit, when the website said visitors would be given parkas, I was expecting actual parkas, not flimsy blue lab coats. My body was kept warm, as I was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt under the blue ‘parka’ but my hands were cold, as I forgot to bring gloves as they recommended and I was taking pictures. My face was numb within about 15 minutes as I wasn’t about to put that hood up on my head. Who knows who all has worn those parkas since they were washed, and how well-washed they were. My hair is one of my favorite physical features. But even if I had put the hood up, my face would have still been numb. 

Below are the pictures that I took. 

There are quite a few as the Ice display went through the entire movie from beginning to end. There was a surprise nativity and Angel scenes at the end but my phone died just before then. IT’s back to normal, for hte most part, so I think it just got too cold. Even when it does get that cold here in Texas, I don’t have it out in it beyond my pocket or purse so it’s not used to those conditions. 

Ice Entrance Sign
Ice! Entrance sign


Snoopy sleeping on decorated house
Snoopy sleeping on his decorated house


Linus and Charlie talking at wall
Linus and Charlie Brown talking at their wall


Snoopy and kids skating at iced over lake
Snoopy and the kids skating on the pond


Charlie Brown not having any Christmas Cards
Sad Charlie Brown not getting any Christmas Cards


Pigpen building his Snowman
Pigpen building his snowman


Snoopy decorating his house from front
Snoopy decorating his doghouse


Snoopy decorating his house from behind
Snoopy decorating his doghouse from the other angle(Look at the letter)


better pic of Sally dicating wish list to Charlie Brown
Sally dictating her gift wish list for Santa to her big brother


Charlie talking to Lucy at Psych booth
Charlie visiting Lucy at her Psychiatric booth


Sign for play rehearsal
Play Rehearsal Sign


Lucy at play rehearsal
Lucy dancing at play rehearsal


Schroeder playing piano at play rehearsal
Schroeder playing piano at play rehearsal


Sally and Sherman dancing at rehearsal
Sally and Sherman dancing at play rehearsal


Linus dancing at rehearsal
Linus dancing at play rehearsal


Charlie Brown directing at rehearsal
Charlie Brown directing at play rehearsal

Now, each scene had their own room. The play rehearsal room actually had a large ice slide in it that kids and adults could go down. I did not as, 1) I didn’t trust the parka to stay under me and keep my butt dry and 2) the shoes I was wearing are old and worn and don’t have very good traction on wet ground, much less on ice. Charlie Brown’s scene was at the top of the slide while the other characters were gathered around it.


Snoopy playing guitar at rehearsal


Frieda dancing at rehearsal
Frieda dancing at play rehearsal


Pigpen playing cello at rehearsal
Pigpen playing the cello at play rehearsal


Christmas tree lot
Christmas tree lot


Charlie and Linus picking little tree
Charlie Brown and Linus picking the little tree


Linus speaking about the true meaning of Christmas
Linus talking about the True Meaning of Christmas


Charlie, little tree and Snoopy's winning decorated hosue
Charlie Brown, the little tree and Snoopy’s award-winning doghouse


Charlie attempting to decorate tree
Charlie attempting to decorate the little tree


Peppermint Patty, Schroeder and Lucy singing at end
Peppermint Patty, Schroeder and Lucy singing at the end


Sally, Sherman, and Violet singing at end of movie
Sally, Sherman and Violet singing at the end


Linus and Sally singing at the end
Linus and Sally singing at the end


Pigpen, Marcie and Franklin singing at end
Pigpen, Marcie and Franklin singing at the end


Franklin and Frieda singing at end of movie
Franklin and Frieda singing at the end


Snoopy and Charlie Brown singing with tree at end of movie
Snoopy and Charlie Brown around the now decorated little Christmas Tree in the center of the room, Snoopy singing


So that was Ice! The amount of color and detail in every character was Amazing. If you are in the DFW area, I definitely recommend checking it out. It isn’t that expensive, though buying your ticket online makes it even cheaper. The theme changes every year so don’t count on Peanuts still being there next year. 


‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


Charlie Brown_ _Thanks for the Christmas Card, Violet._ Violet_ _I didn't send you a Christmas Card, Charlie Brown._ Charlie Brown_ _Don't you know sarcasm when you hear it._


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