Holidays + MST: Daredevil & Steady

Hey, Ya’ll! 

I don’t know how ya’ll spent your Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Sofa Sunday but mine was fairly relaxing. My family tried a new green beans recipe which turned out well except the fresh green beans. But we don’t eat them often so we still need to work on mastering cooking them. I’ll be honest here, while I’m trying to eat healthier, and we do eat vegetables, we don’t cook fresh versions of the veggies. And our canned vegetables are mostly green beans, corn, and peas. We eat lettuce, bell peppers, onion, tomatoes, carrots, celery and the like but not cauliflower or broccoli. I’m working on expanding my repertoire for vegetables, not only for my health but for a future goal I have in mind. I’m trying things I didn’t like as a child since as you grow older, your tastes change and you find you like things you didn’t used to. I like mushrooms now as well as various kinds of squash but I don’t care what you do, I Hate broccoli and that’ll never change. I’ve tried it in various forms as an adult and still don’t like it. 

Back to the green beans though, the goat cheese sauce was really good though. Our mashed potatoes didn’t turn out so well but that was due to not only not starting them early enough but our turkey, in a really good brine this year, got done an hour sooner than we were expecting it to be. So the potatoes didn’t really have enough time but everything else was getting cold, or in the case of the deviled eggs and a new fruit salad recipe, getting hot. So they had to come on out. 

Speaking of deviled eggs, do you eat them on holidays in your family or do you have another traditional dish you like. Please comment below, I’d love to hear about your dishes you like to have. 

I did some Black Friday shopping online but not in the stores. I enjoyed Black Friday shopping back in Tyler but here in DFW, it’s not as much fun. I’ve tried it a couple of times but the stores are so far apart here, that even starting early, which hasn’t been worth it the last few years with so many stores starting their black Fridays on Thursday evening. Plus, when I can’t afford to do Salvation Army Angels, as I don’t have anyone else to shop for, there isn’t really much point to me going out on Black Friday. I haven’t been able to do Salvation Army Angels since I started my own businesses as my budget is very tight. 

Now for my writing update. NaNoWriMo is now over, which unfortunately I didn’t make my goal this year. But now I’ll be focused not only on Christmas but also on plans for 2020, which there’ll be some new focus for my businesses that I’m very happy with as well as my writing itself. I’ll update those when we get closer to 2020 and when I have updates. I have some work I’ll have to do on some of my plans before I can share. But for now…

Now for this week’s Monday Short Tale. 

“You can’t do that!” 

“Can’t is not in my vocabulary.” 

“How about dead? Look, please don’t, it’s dangerous!” 

“Two more words not in my vocabulary!”

Evia sighed despondently. She could just see it now, her friend would be in the papers alright. Front pages for being the latest victim of the monster. But of course, she’d decide to go after it.

“Fine, then. I want you to have the best chance of survival so I’ll help you.”


Evia sighed, Why did she have to make a friend out of Persephone, the most daredevil in their village. She supposed it made sense, give the daredevil a sensible friend to keep her alive. But now, this was the most dangerous thing but someone needed to stop the monster. Why not them? Never mind the fact that dozens of others had tried and failed before them. Never mind the fact that they were youngest to ever try. Never mind the fact that not only would their families be completely against this but should they fail, they’d die a miserable and painful death. 


©Paula Crofoot

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Perhaps I’ll continue it later.

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


Christmas Wand

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