Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, Ya’ll! 

Now, first of all before we get into the post, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, I know I’m early but I won’t be posting on the actual holiday as I’ll be celebrating it and my next post will be on Wednesday but that’ll be the weekly writing prompt post. Which by the way, has proven to be popular so I will keep doing that as long as I have prompts. 

I had a busy weekend. Not only was I sitting an adorable dog and cat but there were two craft shows in my area. There was the Peddler Show that cost $7 to get in with free parking that I went to on Friday and Funky Finds that was free admission but cost $10 to park that I went to on Sunday. Go figure that one out. I can’t even blame it on Arlington where I live as the Peddler Show was at the Arlington Convention Center while Funky Finds is at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Forth Worth. Honestly, though, I’ve gotten into the habit of if I’m going somewhere in DFW, I take at least $5 for parking. 

What the Peddler Show and Funky Finds is are craft shows, Funky Finds more so than Peddler Show. There are various booths at both shows where crafters and creators display their goods for you to buy. Peddler Show, however, accepts vendors that aren’t crafters, like this year there was four booths for CBD, one massage pillow booth and a Scentsy Booth. No, I didn’t go to any of those; Not only do I not mess with CBD but as far as the massage and Scentsy, the reason I go to these shows is to buy one of a kind goods from hard-working people and put back into the small business community; not something I can find at my local Walmart. Funky Finds, however, is solely hand-crafted, vintage goods, you can’t sign up if you’re not a hand-made or vintage goods small business. I hope to do a craft show with Imaginative HandiCrafts in the future.

Especially since I’ve currently closed the Etsy shop as I was going absolutely nowhere with it. However, while I hated that fact, and still do a bit, I don’t feel so bad as I was talking with a couple of ladies at the Funky Finds show while picking a few pairs of earrings they were selling for my mom. They mentioned that it’s insanely easy to get lost in Etsy and I’m pretty certain that’s what happened to me. So, I’ve closed the Etsy shop and put the hand-crafted business on a pause while I work on a new direction for Imaginative HandiCrafts. I have a few ideas.  For now, my sole focus is on Paula’s Pet Paradise which is doing very well. I have a few ideas for the direction of PPP in 2020. Which I’m not going to mention just yet. (I’ll be doing a Goals post for 2020 as well as a soul-searching how I did in ’19 post in December.) I’m also focusing on my writing career as that’s been my dream since I was a kid. 

Now, I can’t say exactly what I bought just yet. As I bought a lot of stocking stuffers and a few presents for my mom, who is currently the only one I buy gifts for. (She occasionally stops here) I also bought a few things for her to give me that she would’ve found had she gone with me. But her job is not as flexible as mine is.

I finished at the Peddler show early before I had a drop in job so I headed to the mall, simply to mall-walk; not necessarily to buy though I was in the Christmas gift mood. It’s something I enjoy. I grew up doing it as a kid, then a teenager as in my hometown, it was what you did. You went window/actual shopping at the mall, local Walmart-especially once our small one turned into a super Walmart- and various other stores. I love window shopping, actually shopping, garage-saling, and etc. I did find some gifts at the mall, including at my new favorite store. It’s a fairly new store in the Arlington Mall, Typo.  It’s apparently the only location in the DFW area. It’s a gift/stationary/specialty card store which doesn’t sound like it would be something popular. Except they had a lot of nerd/geek/novelty things among their regular stationary and cards. I found a Harry Potter reusable shopping canvas bag for $2 that also donated 7 bricks to a school in Kenya. There was a lot of Harry Potter and other similar items there, I just wasn’t shopping for myself. All of it is seriously decently priced. You should definitely check it out. I managed to find the website for it: Typo. You gotta make sure you’re on the USA website though, if you’re in the US as apparently the store is originally a UK establishment. 

Also, here are the links for Funky Finds as it happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, and for the Peddler Show so ya’ll can check it out for yourselves if you’re in the area or the Peddler Show is in your area. 

Funky Finds

Peddler Show

I’ve started my list for what I need for Christmas shopping so I can be fully prepared beyond what I bought this last weekend. My mom and I have also discussed about the number limit. We’re all that we have to buy for so we get each other stockings and multiple gifts. I’ll be crafting a lot as due to being a small-business owner/self-employed, I don’t have much extra money. But I enjoy it and I know she enjoys what I’ve made as I put a lot of heart and effort into everything I make, for gifts or to sell. Which makes the whole pause thing harder but I’m not giving up, just taking a break. 

Now, without further ado, here’s today’s Monday Short Tale. Nothing too long as I’ve been busy with NaNoWriMo when I’ve done my daily writing. 

Amanda opened her eyes, trying to figure out what woke her. It was the middle of the night but something didn’t feel right. 

She realized she was hearing rattling and shuffling in her living room. She didn’t feel like she was in imminent danger so she sat up and briefly stretched, getting the kinks out of her back. After all, even if she was in danger, her back issues would prevent her from defending herself if she didn’t shake them off first. 

She was still quiet as she made her way out of her bedroom and down the hall, leaving all lights on and while carrying her phone, she silenced it. Preparing to use her phone to call 911, she peered around the corner in her living room.

In shock from what she saw, she rounded the corner into the lit living room, “What in the world!”

 Her only three friends in the world, who were supposed to not even be in the city right now, froze in their steps.

Cindy turned to her and shakily smiled, “Uh, surprise?!” 

“What are you all doing in my living room? Why are you even here, you’re all supposed to be at your families for Thanksgiving.” 

Adam spoke from where he was setting the table, “Well, in our defense, you were supposed to be asleep for at least a few more hours.” 

“I was until you were making enough noise to wake me.” 

“Oh, sorry.” 

Andy added, setting the banner she’d been hanging down, “We decided it wasn’t right that you were alone on Thanksgiving. So, since I’m not particularly fond of my family anyway, and Christmas is more important with their families, we decided to do a Friendsgiving on Thanksgiving instead.” 

“We’ve got the food for it in your kitchen. We were planning to hide out in your office until you actually got up, then come out and surprise you when you made it to the newly decorated living room.” 

Not one for many words and knowing her friends would know her gratitude anyway, “Well, I’m awake now. So let me help you finish decorating then we can all go back to sleep for a few hours, and not in my office unless you’re using the couch.” 

In the end, this was the best Thanksgiving Amanda had ever had, all because her friends decided she shouldn’t be left on her own on the holiday.


©Paula Crofoot

That’s all for now. So…

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 

It is not happy people who are thankful; It is thankful people who are happy

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