OMG, It’s Already November??

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to SP&H. 

I really can’t believe it’s already November. This is my favorite time of year due to weather, my mom’s birthday, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas but it also means the year is nearly over. There’s only 8 weeks of 2019 left. Then we’re into 2020 and the tens of this century are over! Wow, I can’t believe we’re almost already 20 years into the 21st century and the 3rd millennium. Geez…

On that note, how are you doing on any resolutions you may have made for ’19? Some of mine have happened, some have backslid and others disappeared into the vortex of nothing. I figured I wouldn’t make all of them  completely but aimed to at least make progress on all of them. At the moment… not so much.

My language learning has dropped though I’m picking that back up. My new skill, not really happening, my novel publishing hasn’t gone anywhere yet though I have been writing all year like I wanted. My weight goal is pretty much nil and I’m starting over with that one. (And yes, I know, at the Wrong time of year but I’m making a plan right now to restart that plan for ’20.) My businesses have grown like I wanted and also kind of shrunk as they went under a new direction. More on that one later. I’ve gone greener like I wanted and my social media presence has grown like I’d hoped, better even so I’m happy on that. 2019 hasn’t been a bust, I’ve just grown in other areas than I’d planned. But like one of my favorite songs: Joyride by Jennifer Hanson says: show me a woman or a man who has a plan and I will show you God is laughin’ out His window. So 2019, thus far, has still been a good year and I hope for 2020 to be even better as I learn more, live life more to the fullest, and grow.

Enough on that for now.

Here’s the Monday Short Tale for the week. November, I’ll just do little short pieces as I’m writing Bus Across Country for NaNoWriMo. It’s not the second book in a series I’d planned to write for NaNoWriMo but this plot and characters bit me a few weeks ago and won’t leave so it’s what I’m writing and enjoying. 

I’m not sure what December will be yet, we’ll cross that bridge when we reach it. 

“Did you get my note?” 

The brunette side-eyed the redhead for a moment, “Of course I got it. You taped it to my forehead while I was sleeping. And I’m here, aren’t I?” 

“Yes and yes. But that didn’t mean you read it beyond just that I’d be here at this time.” 

The brunette glanced around them at the empty courtyard. 

“And why are we here again? Your note, otherwise oddly specific, left that out.” 

“I thought we’d do something nice for our classmates. It’s almost final exam time and we’re all stressed out.” 

“Like what?” 

“Don’t you trust me?” 

“Not particularly.” 

The redhead pouted but the young brunette woman remained steadfast. She’d become involved in the redhead’s harebrained schemes before and had not interest in doing so again. 

“Nothing bad. I just thought we’d tape these around campus.” 

She produced a mass amount of paper that, peering at them, her friend realized were motivational quotes. 

“You do know most people are going to walk right by those without reading them, right? Perhaps even tear them down…” 

“I know. But those few that do read them, it’ll make a difference in their day and that’s what matters.” 

She sighed but took half of the stack, “Let’s get moving, then.” 

It took a few hours but they had the motivational quotes well spread through the campus courtyard and buildings. 

The brunette woman found to her surprise that people around her in the following days did indeed notice the papers. They actually enjoyed them as well as the mystery of who had put them up. Perhaps just this once, her friend hadn’t been so crazy after all. 


Perhaps that’s an idea you might consider if you’re a college student? Or even if you’re in an office building and its a stressful time of year for you and your coworkers? 

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


Give thanks with a grateful heart.

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