Haunted College Boys: Part 7

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven. I don’t have much today but I’m working on vacation pics, community page, shop pages and I’ve got a couple of pies/cakes I’ll be posting as well as Halloween crafts. 

Here is this week’s Monday Short Tale, the continuation of the Haunted College Boys arc. I expect there to be about two more installations. We’ll have part 8 next Monday and hte final piece on Wednesday the 31st, Halloween itself. 

The boys looked at each other, they hadn’t invited anyone over. Only a few people even knew they had their own place. The knock repeated once more.

Ben stood, “I supposed we should at least see who it is.”

Connor added, “It could be Ms. Jackson with more information.”

So while Jason, Justin, and Ryan waited in the dining room, Ben and Connor answered the door.

They were both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised to find Daisy Brown, Joanna Vogel and Bridget Powell.

They were among the few that knew of their new home, though they could’ve sworn no one had actually given them the address.

Joanna spoke first, “Hi boys! I hope you don’t mind the surprise visit. But we couldn’t wait to see your new home!”

Ben hid his frustration, knowing it would be easier to let them in and get rid of them after a short visit then try to block them. He had no doubt this visit was the idea of Daisy’s.

Joanna and Bridget weren’t too intolerable by themselves but with Daisy, they became mindless followers despite the show of Joanna being the leader. For whatever reason, Daisy had decided she wanted Justin despite the complete lack of attention from him.

Ben waved them in, “We don’t have long, we’re currently doing homework but we can visit for a few minutes.”

Daisy chirped, “That’s fine.”

Ben suppressed a grin as Connor rolled his eyes behind the girls.

They walked into the dining room, the girls not noticing but Ben and Connor were surprised to see the whiteboard blank.

Daisy noticed the board, “Oh! What’s this? For a calendar or something?”

Thankfully, Ryan thought fast.

“No. It’s for homework. That’s why the size. We might be studying different degrees but we can still bounce ideas off of one another.”

“Oh, of course.”

Ben noticed that Justin was distracted and peered to see what he was staring at. He frowned, unnoticed by the girls, when he saw that what Justin was staring at was Jason. Jason was clearly not happy. His eyes were pinned on the girls, angrily glaring at them.

As far as they knew, Jason had never met Daisy, Joanna or Bridget. So what was the problem.

Joanna looked around when she heard footsteps but didn’t see anyone moving as they’d all gathered around the dining room, making small talk. She was going to make an excuse for them to leave. It was pretty clear they weren’t really welcome, but they were being polite. But before she could…

Everyone jumped when one of the dining room table chairs fell over backwards.

Bridget stammered, “Um, why did that chair fall?”

The boys knew why, seeing Jason behind the chair but feigned cluelessness.

A cold wind blew through the house, nearly bowling them all over, actually knocking Daisy over. Bridget immediately helped Daisy up while Joanna questioned where the wind had come from.

The boys shrugged, Jason hadn’t moved so they didn’t know where the wind had come from.

Joanna declared, moving towards the front door, “I think we should go.”

Bridget agreed but Daisy said, “What about the boys. We can’t leave them while this stuff is happening.”

She moved towards Justin, reaching out to grasp his arm.

The fallen chair moved into her path, tripping her. Even if Justin had wanted to try to catch her, he didn’t dare move as Jason stood between Daisy and him, angry eyes focused on Daisy, peering at Justin to see his reaction.

Daisy climbed to her feet, shaking. She moved towards Justin once more but the front door slammed open, vase on the entry table falling off and shattering.

Joanna grabbed Daisy’s arm, getting the clue, “I think we need to go, Daisy.”

Daisy attempted to protest but Joanna cut her off, “Now!”

She pulled Daisy out, Bridget willingly following. As soon as Bridget’s foot crossed the threshold, the door slammed shut, lock clicking into place.

Jason moved to the window in the front room, watching as the three girls climbed into the red car at the curb and pulled away.

The boys looked at each other, waiting for a few minutes.

Finally, Justin approached Jason.

“Uh, what was that all about?”

Jason turned, royal blue eyes calm once more.

He walked into the dining room, the four boys following.

Ben and Connor blinked, once more the board was covered in the previous writing.

Ben pointed, even as Jason picked up the red marker, “Uh-wha??”

Justin snickered, “I’m not sure how but Jason covered the writing and made it blank as soon as we realized who was at the door.”

Just then, squeaks took over the room and they watched as Jason wrote his explanation.

‘I don’t know her. But I don’t like her. She’s bad. I don’t know how; I don’t know why but she is not welcome here anymore. I don’t want her in my home, I don’t want her near any of you.’

Jason left out that he especially didn’t want her near Justin for some reason. 

Ryan commented, “I have no issue barring her from here but how are we supposed to keep her out? Now that she’s been here, with her friends Bridget and Joanna, she’s going to expect to be let back in.”

Before Ben or Justin, the more social of the four boys, could answer, Jason answered.

‘This is my home, even with you living here. I bar her entry; she physically cannot enter.’

Justin surprised them all by cheering.

They saw the confused look on Jason’s face and realized that he didn’t know the backstory.

Connor filled him in, “For whatever reason, starting back in freshman year, Daisy has been obsessed with Justin. They’re not even remotely close to the same degree studies. Justin’s B.A while she’s B.S. in political studies.”

“Honestly, she’s one step away from obsessed stalker needing a restraining order.”

‘Do you believe in reincarnation.’

“Uh, sure…?”

That was something out of the blue, Ben answered in the affirmative, Justin unsure while Ryan and Connor were simply puzzled.

‘I think she may be someone reincarnated from when I was alive.’

“You were alive only 30 years ago. She had to have passed away soon after you did if she is connected to your living past.”

‘Like I said, I don’t remember anyone from when I was alive except Marshall.’

Ryan latched onto the clue, writing it on the board.

“Okay, so presuming she is someone reincarnated from your life and kept her gender; then we can look for someone in this town that passed away 25-30 years ago. Perhaps if you hear a name, memories will come back.”

‘Makes logical sense.’

The other three agreed and Connor had another idea.

“You know what, this town went under a population boom around 15 or so years ago. Maybe we can pull a census from 30 years ago and go over the names. It won’t be that many people.”

Justin added, “We can further narrow the census down by looking in this area of town. I know where I grew up, I pretty much didn’t know anyone not in my part of town as school, events, stores, were all populated by the same people in the area.”

‘We have a plan, then.’

“We’ll stop by the city hall on Monday, they’ll be closed to the public tomorrow as it’s Sunday, and get the census. We’ll go over it Monday evening.”

That’s all for now! What will we find out next Monday about Jason’s life? We’ll see… 

‘Til Next Time, Friends!

If the Broom Fits, Fly it!

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