Haunted College Boys Part 6

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Now for what I’m sure you came here for in the first place, the next part of Haunted College Boys. 

The next morning, Jason floated downstairs, relieved his energy was back, to find the other four gathered around the table having breakfast.

He chose a blue marker and greeted them.

Ben looked up when he heard squeaking and beamed, “Good morning, Jason! I’m glad to see you have your energy back!”

A green thumbs up appeared.

Justin grinned, “In other news, the lock down has lifted. Connor tried going outside and the door opened.”

Another thumbs up appeared.

Ryan added, “Not a man of many words, huh?”

A red thumbs down appeared this time and the other three snickered.

Jason smirked; he saw no reason to waste words. Even when he was alive, his partner Marshall had long noticed the same.

Justin put down his coffee cup, after swallowing the last bit.

“What’s the plan for today?”

Ben responded, “I thought we’d divide and conquer. A couple of us can go see our landlord and find out what she knows before dropping by city hall on our way to the library to join the other two who’ll be looking up Jason McKay and Marshall Davidson of the 80s.”

Connor and Ryan nodded, and Justin asked, “Sounds good to me. Who goes where?”

They turned at the squeaking on the board, ‘Ben and Connor should head to Shirley Robinson while Justin and Ryan head to the library. One friendly and charming with silent and power.’

Ben nodded, “Sound strategy. Justin and I can talk our way through anything while Ryan and Connor can just look at the person and they’ll typically give over.”

Justin snickered, Jason had just met them and already had them cornered on their personalities.

Ben got up, “Let’s get going. The faster we go, the sooner we get back and can go over the information with Jason to make sure it’s correct.”

The other three got up and Jason watched them file out to Justin’s jeep and Ben’s convertible.


Ben pulled up to their landlord’s house, surprisingly a smaller house than the one she was renting out.

Connor commented, “Don’t most people rent out the smaller house?”

“Perhaps there’s something more here, beyond the fact that maybe she didn’t want to live somewhere someone had been murdered. Brutally by Jason’s hints.”

“How brutally is the question. Do you think he remembers his death?”

“Not sure. But let’s see what Ms. Robinson knows.”

Ben knocked on her door.

She answered the door, “Yes, may I help you?”

“We’re hoping you can. What do you know about a death in the house you’ve rented us?”
She paled, “Now, boys, you signed a 2-year lease. I can let you out, but it’ll be very costly. Surely you can last…”

Before she could continue, Ben interrupted, “We don’t want to move out. We just want answers about the ghost that’s haunting our home.”

She looked clearly relieved, if baffled.

She gestured them in.

Shortly, they were sitting with some tea she’d poured, and she told them the tale.
“I don’t know all of it. I just know that in 1988 my mother received a call. Her cousin, Jason McKay, was found brutally murdered in the office of his own home. It was horrific, he was beaten in the face and chest before his murderer stabbed him multiple times, I can’t remember how many times. His face was carved to the point his mother, my grandmother, insisted on a closed casket funeral, with both a knife and barbwire. But that wasn’t how he died; he was suffocated. No one knows why he was killed or who killed him. Even now, 30 years later, it’s still an unsolved case. He didn’t have any children and my mother was his only sister, 8 years his junior. So, she inherited it, passing it on to me when I turned 18, not wanting anything to do with the place her brother had been murdered. I knew my uncle Jason, so I didn’t want to live there either. I have memories of my uncle Jason and his partner Marshall. So, I rent it out. But I suppose my uncle Jason is still there or simply the horror of his murder left a stain on the home. I’m not sure but everyone I’ve tried to rent it to always reports things moving on their own, sounds in the night, even screams on the occasion.”

She paused to allow them to digest her story.

They exchanged glances, that certainly explained Jason’s haunting.

“What brought you here, anyway?”

Ben answered, leaving out a few details, “Things have been moving on their own, buckets, silverware. Our roommate has had his sleep interrupted by a loud noise in the middle of the night. We haven’t heard any screams yet.”

“Not every tenant has reported that. It appears only to be about once a year.”

With his knowledge from his grandmother, Ben asked, “Could it be the anniversary of his death?”

She paused, clearly having not thought of that.

“You know, it could be. 30 years ago, I was young, about 8.”

Ben stood, having finished his tea, “Thank you, Ms. Robinson. That was what we needed to know.”

The two left, heading to city hall and then the library.

A few hours later, the four returned to the house, having spent time in city hall and the library, gathering a lot of knowledge but not sure how it all fits together.

They entered, Justin calling out, “Jason? We’re back!”

They heard footsteps coming down the stairs and seeing no one, they knew it was Jason letting them know he was on his way.

They gathered in the dining room with the whiteboard, putting down the papers they’d photocopied from the library.

On the board, ‘What did you find out?’

Ben answered, “Did you know our landlord, Shirly Robinson, is your niece?”

‘No. I knew I had a niece, remembering her as a child-the daughter of my little sister. But I never knew what happened to them after I died.’

Ryan answered, “Your sister lived here in town until about 10 years ago. Her husband died of a heart attack and she had already passed your house onto her daughter. She moved, we’re not sure where. It’s not in public records. Your niece lives in her mother’s house, unable to live here with childhood memories of you.”

Justin picked up, “We’re not exactly sure of what happened to Marshall, but we can kinda guess. The night you were killed, October 15, 1988; just a couple of weeks from now by the way; Marshall disappeared. A missing person’s report was put out on him, but he was never found. However, about 5 years later, some of the land on the outer edges of your property here was developed into the apartment complex. When the construction team was on the property, developing it, a skeleton was found. It was eventually buried as a John doe as DNA wasn’t as advanced in the early 90s as it is now. But the information we found on it tells us it was guesstimated to be a Caucasian man in the early 20s.”

He paused and a red marker picked up.

‘You think it was Marshall’s body that was found.’

Ben answered, “Yeah. Especially based on the fact they believe the cause of death to be that of a bullet wound in the back. Maybe he came home to discover you were dead, your killer was still here, and he ran. Only to be caught in the outer woods from the back.”

Little did they know, they’d just partially solved Marshall’s murder. Not that it matters, Marshall Davidson has already been reborn, his spirit having been laid to rest 25 years before by being buried.

Ben decided to share what they’d learned at Shirley Robinson’s.

There was a pause before the green market was lifted.

‘I did know that.’

“So, you know how you were murdered, just now by who or why?”


Connor asked, “Why didn’t you mention anything about how you were murdered?”

‘She left details out. No doubt due to being so young.’

“She did mention not knowing all of the details.”

‘I was beaten, I recall flashes of brown eyes. Then stabbed multiple times. The facial disfiguration… My mouth was carved up my face from the corners of my mouth to my cheekbones. Then, barbwire was wrapped around my lower face, digging into my face. More barbwire was wrapped around my throat until I suffocated to death on my own blood.’

He saw the four pale, this was why he hadn’t shared the full details of his death.

Ben eventually spoke unable to come up with another response, “No wonder your sister opted for a closed casket funeral.”

Connor snorted and Ryan rolled his eyes. Justin looked up but before he could respond to Ben, he dropped the pen he’d been fiddling with, staring at the whiteboard.

Ben was concerned, “Justin??”

His mouth opened a couple of times before his voice came out hoarsely, “I-I can see him.”


Jason stared at Justin who was staring right at him.

“I can see Jason. He’s standing by the whiteboard.”

Ryan raised an eyebrow, “Of course he is.”

Ben turned to look before shaking his head, “No. I see him too.”

The transparent young man with long chocolate brown hair to his shoulders and dark blue eyes stared back at them.

Connor and Ryan turned to the whiteboard once more and realized they, too, could see Jason.

The, no doubt brutal, wounds had long scarred over.

Jason raised his hand to his lower face, self-conscious for the first time since he’d died.

But Justin simply got up and moved towards him, “How much pain were you in when you died?”

Jason shifted his lips but as usual, his scarred mouth and damaged throat couldn’t utter a sound.

He turned and wrote on the board, ‘Excruciating. It’s the last thing I remember feeling. The last thing I remember thinking was hoping that Marshall would be okay and why was he doing this. But I don’t remember who ‘he’ is.’

Justin reaches a hand out, quickly pulling it back, remembering that he can’t touch Jason, “We’ll find out. We’ll solve your murder and get you the closure you deserve.”

Jason nodded, knowing they could see him now.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

So, who’s at the door? Who do  you think killed Jason and Marshall? And why? Comment your guesses down below and I’ll let you know if you’re close! 

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


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