I Don’t Think I Want To Be Here Anymore Pt 3 + Special Announcement

Hey Ya’ll, Welcome back to PEP!

First, I have a special announcement. Paula’s Eclectic Paradise is moving back to this location from here on out. Our new location was not only doing quite what I’d hoped it would be but it wasn’t free to upkeep and I’m out of money. However, even without the money issue, I’d been thinking on and off about returning to here as this was not only the first home but was more successful in my mind. This is the location that was more comfortable, the other was an experiment that didn’t work out. That happens, it’s what life is about, make mistakes, get messy, grow and learn. I’ve learned and now this blog will be all the better for it.

photo of open signage

However, there will be some changes over the next couple of months. It’ll still be a lifestyle blog and you’ll still see my writing here like you have been. However, I’m hoping to do some upgrades eventually as well as a few other changes I’ll let you know as they happen, including some color changes and a new name. There will be some additional posts each week as the blog is modified into more of the lifestyle blog.

I’ll also be going back over the last year’s worth of posts and updating them to what was at the other location, starting with the last two weeks so you can keep up with the current Monday Short Story saga.

But enough on that for now, I’ll keep you updated as changes are made.

Also today is Labor Day for those that are fellow Americans so Happy Labor Day. Enjoy your day off if you’re lucky enough to not have to work today.

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Don’t forget to check out this week’s Sunday Fabricated Stories: Mystery House or last week’s Wednesday’s Weird Tales of the Unknown: Malevolent Spirit Pt 1.

Without further ado: Here’s the next part of  I Don’t Think I Want To Be Here Anymore.

Martin crashed through the trees, no idea where he was going. He hoped he was headed to the cliffs but a gut feeling told him he wasn’t. He wished his spirit friend would appear, something he’d never thought he’d ever hope for.

Martin sucked in a gasp as something very cold grabbed him around the middle and shoved him to the ground. His arms thrashed, eyes closed, hoping he was hitting something.


It took a few moments, but Martin registered that voice as his spirit friend and his arms slowed as his eyes opened.


Sounding tired, “Yes, it’s me. We can’t stay here.”

Martin climbed to his feet, “I’m not headed towards the cliffs, am I?”

“No. It’s not safe here.”

“Are you okay? You sound tired.”

“I’m okay. But between fighting that unfriendly spirit that attacked you and just now, making contact with you which isn’t easy, I’m a little exhausted.”

“Do you need to rest?”

“Not now. When we get to the cliffs, I can rest.”

Martin walked in the direction the soft breeze pushed him in, just thinking to say, “Thank you for fending off that spirit.”

“You’re welcome.”

Just as the sun made it way to its high noon position, the cliffs came into view once more.
Martin sighed in relief before groaning as he realized that just because he could see the cliffs didn’t mean he could reach them. Coming to a stop before he fell down into the valley below them, he saw that if he stayed to the outskirts of the woods, he could still make his way to the cliffs without putting himself or his friend in danger. He still didn’t have a name for her but knowing she was tired, didn’t want her to exert anymore energy trying to communicate with him. He didn’t know if it took spiritual energy for her to talk to him since he couldn’t see her or not.

He was careful to tread the careful balance between the outskirt of the woods and the edge of the earth the woods ended on. But before he knew it, the earth gave way under his feet and he tumbled down into a sudden hole, screaming the entire time.

He landed harshly, breath knocked out of him, head spinning, stars flashing in his eyes.
Spirit landed on the floor of the hole in front of her friend, terrified he’d just fell to his death. But his chest was moving, telling her he was still, in fact, alive. She looked around, chill running up her transparent spine, as this looked eerily familiar even though she knew she’d never been where they just were.

She wished she could lift Martin and get them out of here. But she was too tired and it was still several hours from dusk, when she would regain all of her energy. So all she could do now was wait for Martin to regain his senses and hope they could get out of here by climbing up rather than go down the tunnel she could just see.

-Fin (For Now)

©Paula Crofoot

Now where have Martin and Spirit landed? Just what does it mean for them and why is it somewhere familiar for Spirit despite never having been there before? Comment below if you have theories. I’d love to hear them.

‘Til Next time, Friends.

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