I Don’t Think I Want to Be Here Anymore Pt 2

Hey Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP!

First off, my apologies for this post not being up yesterday. Sunday wasn’t my usual Sunday where I could write this and have it prepared and yesterday(Monday) was nuts. Therefore, while it’s not Monday anymore, I do have this week’s Monday Short Tale which is a continuation of last week’s I Don’t Think I Want to Be Here Anymore just as I promised.

Martin headed towards the cliff he could see in the far distance, through over the trees. He had no idea if his ‘friend’ was actually with him or not.

About an hour into his hike, deep into the forest now, a familiar voice piped up, “Stop!”

He stumbled as he attempted to stop mid-step.

“What is it?”

“It’s too dangerous here.”

He looked around, not seeing anything foreboding.

“Say what now?”

“You can’t see it as you’re not only human but as we’ve already established can’t even see me. But this is territory of a malevolent being. It’s not even safe for me, much less you.”

“Well, what am I supposed to do? My goal was those cliffs.”

“Just head that way,” a breeze brushed by to his right, “a little bit. You’ll still get there but safely.”

Martin shrugged, adjusted his directional angle, shifting his pack and started moving northwest now instead of northeast.

Not realizing they’d picked up a hitchhiker, one that unlike Martin’s companion, was not a friendly spirit.


The sun was halfway up in the sky, telling the time to be about mid-morning, Martin stopped for a snack break.

Mouth full, Martin froze as a harsh breeze blew through the small opening in the trees that he was resting in. It wasn’t anything like the breeze his friend had created.

Speaking of his friend, he didn’t hear anything from her and his skin crawled. He stuffed the remainder of his snack back in his pack, a gut feeling telling him something wasn’t right.


He just now realized he’d never gotten a name for her.

He tried to continue on the way he’d been going but another breeze battered him, pushing him onto the ground, knocking his sense of direction out of whack.

Not able to see the cliff and receiving no answer to his calls, he hoped for hte best and chose a direction.

Spirit sucked in a non-existing breath, Martin was headed away from the cliffs and into danger. She had to stop him!

-Fin (For now)

©Paula Crofoot

Well, that’s not good. Why isn’t Spirit calling out to Martin? What’s stopping her? Nothing good, that’s for certain. And what is her name? We’ll have to see next week.

Before I leave, here’s a couple of links to last week’s Wednesday’s Tales of the Unknown and this week’s Sunday Fabricated Stories.

To Trust or Not To Trust

Battered Heart

‘Til Next Time, Friends!

reach for the and blue moon neon signages



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