Camp NaNoWriMo: My Method

Hey, ya’ll!

Welcome back to PEP! To my American friends, I hope ya’ll had a good 4th of July, I had a pretty relaxed one.

Just a quick link to this week’s Sunday Fabricated Stories: this is a story I wrote this last week during Camp NaNoWriMo so it’s brand new. You should definitely check it out.

Discovering My Secret Life

Speaking of Camp NaNoWriMo, that’s going pretty well. I’m trying something different with this camp. In the past-I’ve done 6 Camp NaNoWriMos and 3 November NaNoWriMos- I’ve only ever done word counts. This time, my 7th camp, I’m doing it by the hours. I’m working on a couple of different projects, a novel I’m working on finishing, another novel I’m doing my usual planster method with and figuring out Query letters for the novel I want to get out first. By planster, I do an overview of the plot, a more detailed plot and I develop every character I’m planning to be in the novel.

By planning the characters, I mean I develop their physical looks from hair-eyes-height-skin tone and scars/piercings/tattoos if the character in question has any. I also decide their voice and birthdate. Then I develop his/her personality using a method I’ve developed over several novel drafts. If you’re interested in learning that method, let me know below in the comments and I’ll do a special post on character development. I absolutely don’t mind sharing how I develop my characters to be more 3d.

I’ll also set any pairings if I’m going into the novel with set pairings. With the exception of one that was specifically a romance novel, romance isn’t the primary plot of hte story. I’ll still have several pairings depending upon the plot but I have equally just as many that there aren’t any pairings set. Then the characters may gravitate towards one another. I don’t have any characters I ever develop just to be the love interest of main or secondary. I refuse to write them.

I write Young Adult Fiction, which I consider to be about 16-25. I chose this age range as some of my plots are a bit more mature than young teens and honestly, I’m writing what I would’ve loved to have been was around when I was that age and struggling to find anything to read. I was a prolific and precocious reader so I was reading high school level by the time I was 12, provided it was material I understood at the age of 12. (There are some books that should only be teens and adults due to material) So when I was 16-25, everything was too young, already read, or too old and dry for me and I was not interested in.

After I have a general idea then a slightly more specialized idea of the plot and every character that I think I’m going to use at the moment, then I consider the novel ready to begin. Now, of course, characters may pop up as I write my characters’ tale and if necessary, I’ll develop them more if they are going to be a main or secondary character; otherwise they may just make that once or twice appearance and I don’t worry about it. If they’re only going to appear a couple of times, they’re minor characters and I’m not going to spend the time I do on my main and secondary. The plot also develops as I write and I’ll add details to the detailed plot tab. Hence why I call it plantsing. I plot and plan but I also write by the seat of my pants.

Comment down below if you’re a writer and let me know if you’re a Plotter, Pantser or Plantser. I’m curious and would love to hear from you.

Now we’ll move onto the Monday Short Tale for this week.

“You know you should not have survived that, right?”

Aaron turned, feeling small hands digging into his shoulder even as he clutched the child tightly to him.

Briefly remembering the mad run down the stairs of the now collapsed building he and the young child were in front of, he knew the other man was right. Logically, no one should’ve survived and he wasn’t sure how he and the child had. He’d just seen the child crying on top of the woman that was no doubt his mother, snatched him since she was no longer moving and kept moving. Clearly there was a God watching over him tonight.

He eyed the other man for a moment before responding, “I don’t think any of us are meant to survive this tonight.”

The man stepped away from the wall, glancing at the destroyed buildings surrounding them, before grinding his cigarette on the closest rubble, putting it out.

“I think you may be right.”

The child in his arms squealed as the ground shook once more.

Knowing where they were wasn’t the safest with the still standing buildings so close, he leapt down the stairs to the street even as they shook in the latest earthquake. He heard the other man’s steps and knew he was following them but so long as he didn’t pose a threat, he didn’t care.

He took off running once he hit street level just as the barely still standing building to his right began crumbling.

He winced when he no longer heard footsteps behind him. A quick glance behind showed him what he theorized, the man hadn’t made it down the steps before the building collapsed on them, crushing the stairs into rubble.

However, as he turned his head back front, he learned why you should never look behind while running. The child screeched as the two of them tumbled to the ground. Aaron winced as he gained more scrapes and bruises. The child protested his tight squeezing but he was protecting it, he wasn’t sure if it was a girl or a boy, from the shaking asphalt.

He stumbled up to his feet, loosening his grip on the child a little. He felt a small hand grasping his hair and sniffles. But as long as the child wasn’t crying, they would be alright. With this destruction around, they didn’t need to attract the wrong attention. Not on a night like tonight.

Aaron stopped running as the quake stopped but didn’t stop moving. He didn’t even know where he was going or what he was going to do with the young child he’d suddenly acquired. But he knew he was going to do his best to ensure they both survived the night.

-Fin (For Now)

©Paula Crofoot

Well, that doesn’t seem to bode well for Aaron and his newly ‘adopted’ child. I might have to come back to that one at another date.

‘Til Next Time, Friends!

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