How To: Patriotic Nails

Hey, Ya’ll!

Welcome back to PEP! I thought I’d drop in today to share my patriotic nails that I did for Fourth of July. They also, kinda low-key, remind me of those Bomb Pops made by Wells Enterprises.

Gloss Coat
The Finished Look

They’re not the neatest but I’m proud of them. They’re also very easy to do, even without any of those nail art pens and such as I don’t currently own anything other than nail polish and a nail spa kit.

First I did a base coat to help the polish adhere to my nails and protect my nails. Then, it took three coats, but next was a white polish. It was just a simple white.

White Base
Base Coat + White Polish

Then, I tried a tip I’d read about a few times. I had a bowl of ice water and once the polish was dry, I dipped my fingers in and let the water dry between colors. It actually worked, my nails didn’t smudge or chip the same day. Unlike often when you do your nails, ladies I know you know what I’m talking about (And some guys), and like 6 hours later, when they should be dry, they smear with the lightest touch.

The next step was a simple red stripe in the center of the nail.

Red Stripe
Red Stripe

It took two coats of the red, crimson crush, just to get it even and no gaps.

Blue Stripe
Blue Stripe

After the same ice water trick, the next coat was coating the tips with blue. I used Electric Blue. It took a couple of coats as well to do the same as the red, get it even.

Finished Product
Gloss Coat

This picture probably looks pretty similar to the last one and the first one. But it has a gloss top coat on it now. I always use a top coat to protect the polish from chipping. I’m pretty rough with my nails, between crafts, sewing, and a lot of typing so I try to keep it from chipping as long as possible. After the top coat, I used the ice water trick and even a couple of hours later when I fed the dogs and made dinner-a cheeseburger and tots- there was no chipping or smudging.

I’ll be using that trick from here on out. It’s kind of the home version of the infrared light used on gel nail polish at the salon.

You can see what I mean by my nails reminding me of those bomb pops. I may be aging myself here but I grew up eating them in the summer along with those Flavor Ice Freeze Pops.

Here’s the link to this week’s Wednesday’s Weird Tales of the Unknown: Bloody Snow Globe

‘Til Next Time, Friends.

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