Get to the roof, get to the roof!

Hey ya’ll!

Welcome back to PEP! Before we get to this week’s short story, here is a link to my Sunday Fabricated Stories publication over on Medium. I will also post a link to this week’s Wednesday’s Weird Tales of the Unknown when it publishes on… wait for it… Wednesday.

Sunday’s will be mostly lighter stuff, though there will be some twists while Wednesday will be more of my darker, twisted writing. For right now, quite a bit will be stories you’ve read here but edited so there may be some changes from what you read originally. I’ll also be posting some of the story arcs from here onto there in a series so all the parts will be gathered together. I have plans to continue the mirror vs reflection arc, the insatiable monster arc, haunted college boys arc, and once hunter, now guardian which actually isn’t an arc yet. But for today, I have another short story for you, friends.

He peered out of the shattered window, gut tightening at the rising waters. He wasn’t sure where to go from here. Tim had been on the streets when the rain had started. It hadn’t seemed out of the ordinary. After all, Seattle gets a lot of rain year around.

But the rain hadn’t stopped. Instead, it got heavier and heavier until you couldn’t see your own hand two inches in front of your face. Then the wind began. There didn’t seem to be any precise direction it was coming from, constantly changing angles.

It got to the point that it was dangerous to be on the streets between the pain of the rain hitting your unprotected skin as well as the obstacles blowing in the wind.

He’d managed to find an office building that had loosened its security to allow anyone in off the streets, everyone around him drenched to the bone, skin in varying shades of red. About three hours after the rain had begun, it appeared to finally be lessening, though the wind was the same.

Just as people began talking about making their way out and to wherever they’d been headed three hours before, there was a loud shriek at the doors.

“The streets! Look!”

Everyone pressed their faces to the windows to see what she was blabbering about. Faces paled as they realized streets around the office building were beginning to flood. The building was on one of the hills throughout the city and so focused on the surrounding rain, no one within had realized the flooding it had caused. But now, the rain was quickly reaching the doorstep of the office building.

“The Roof! We have to get to the roof!”

Everyone turned at the security guard’s exclamation.

He pointed to the door marked stairs, “We can’t stay here, this will quickly flood as well! If we get to the roof, we should be fine.”

Even as people filed towards the stairs, one woman protested, “But in this rain?! We’ll just be putting ourselves at risk! What about one of the upper floors instead?”

A fellow security guard shook his head even as he guided the protester towards the stairs, “You’ll just become trapped on the floor should the waters reach that high. On the roof, you can be rescued by rescue services should this rain ever stop.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

He couldn’t stop himself from piping up as he’d been directly behind them, listening the entire time, “Then you’ll be able to swim if the water reaches the roof rather than drown in an enclosed room.”

The first security guard gestured in agreement as the second pushed her up the stairs, Tim close behind them.

They all heard cracking as the water pushed its way through the door and quickly began rising within the enclosed space.

As they climbed the stairs, they realized the rain had done more damage the higher up the building than they’d realized. Various windows going up were cracked, letting the rain in. The security guards banged on the stairwell doors leading to floors, warning the original inhabitants of hte office building to head up rather than drown.

Tim shielded his eyes as he exited the door onto the roof, the rain no longer as painful as before but still strong. He moved away from the door, hearing people coming up behind him but was careful to not get too close to the edge.

Another person who did called, “The water’s still rising!”

He rolled his eyes, even as another person muttered what he was thinking, “Of course, what? Did you think the water stopped rising outside when it started doing so inside.”

Suddenly, people started pouring out of the stairwell.

Worried about what that meant, Tim asked around until he managed to learn why. Apparently, the water was rising quickly in such a confined space, the first and second floor were completely flooded and the third would be soon.

Another young woman asked, “Does anyone know where this rain came from? Why it’s doing this?”

No one had an answer, instead they all huddled together waiting for the inevitable disappearance of the building below them into the waters.


©Paula Crofoot

‘Til next time, friends!

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