War of the Reflection vs Mirror Image pt. 3

Hey Ya’ll!

Here is this week’s writing a few days late. I was inspired to continue the Mirror saga. What do you think is going to happen to Emma?

I sighed as I sat in my makeshift office at Mari’s apartment. I was fortunate that not only did I have a friend that was willing to let me crash but her apartment was big enough to not only host me and Lulu but also has room for me to have an office space. I work at home, I had to have somewhere to set up the computers, sketch easel, though I did have to cram in my digital easel that was necessary to transfer my raw sketches to my computers.

But I missed my apartment, I was dying to get back to my proper office set up with all of my craft materials, I knew Lulu missed her big window seat. The police hadn’t given me any update in a while so I wondered if they even had any leads on who had trashed my bathroom.

It’s been three weeks since that night. I’m wondering if I had even seen what I thought. Why would anyone trash only the bathroom. I’d drawn what I’d seen and showed it to Mari. Her reaction was strange. The first few seconds after I showed her, which were always the most telling, her eyes widening, skin blanching and mouth opening as if to say something. Then she recovered before saying that it was horrific, how awful, how did I handle it so well.

I think she knows something that she isn’t sharing.

I pulled out the sketchbook I’d drawn my mirror image in and looked at it once more. I’d done some research on mirror image but surprisingly, there was little on the internet about them. I knew this couldn’t be the only instance of them.

I decided that evening, when Mari got home from her job at the coffee shop, we would have a discussion. I needed to know whatever it was she knew about this mirror images before it came back.

-Fin for now

©Paula Crofoot

So, what does Mari know? Does she actually know anything or has she had experience with the mirror image? What will happen to Emma in the end? Will she ever return to her own apartment? We’ll see.

Will the black-eyed, sharp-toothed mirror image return and if she does, what will she do?

Black Eyes (2)
I Will be returning

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