Max’s Hell pt. 2

Hey ya’ll!

Welcome back to PEP. I was struck by a bit of a bit of inspiration to continue Max’s Hell. So without further ado…

Max walked back onto campus the day after his latest dumpster dump and, completely unsurprising to him, the popular kids began snickering as he walked by. He struggled to ignore it, knowing any reaction from him would simply worsen it.

He was standing at his locker when he suddenly felt a hand knock him in the back of the head, slamming his forehead into the door.

He tried to suppress his whimper of pain but only succeeded in making it a grunt instead.

Tommy’s voice came from behind him, “Ah, did I hurt the little wuss?”

He focused on pulling out the books he’d need for the day, not giving a verbal response.

HIs eyes reflexively closed in a wince when he felt a coarse hand grab his hair and pull his head back.

He squeezed his eyes close when he felt warm breath on his face, “I asked you a question, Shortie,” he winced as the fist tightened in his brown hair, “and when I ask you a question, I expect an answer. Is that clear?”


“Now, did that hurt?”

“Mr. Thompson! Let go of Mr. Wilson immediately!”

Max had to fight against every instinct to step away from Tommy as he let go as Mr. Barnes ordered.

Tommy turned around, charming smile on his face as Max hurried to get the last book he needed for the day.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Barnes? We’re just playing around, right, Maxie boy.”

Max was saved from answering as Mr. Barnes ordered Tommy to accompany him to the principal’s office.

Max winced as Tommy shoved him in the shoulder on his way by.

Max took his books and headed straight to his first period of the day, ignoring the number of students that had stood by and let Tommy bully him, ignoring the laughter that followed him due to Claire’s latest post.

He sat hunched over in his seat in the back of his first period, hood pulled over his head, as the other students walk in.

Tommy scooted in just before the late bell rang and one of his flunkies asked, “Everything alright, T?”

“Sure. I’ve got detention but that’s nothing new.”

But his look over at Max as Mrs. Graham called class to order told him just what Tommy thought and he knew he’d be in for hell later.

Fin (For Now)

©Paula Crofoot

I might continue this later. We should see what Tommy does, shouldn’t we? Or maybe not… I doubt it’s going to be anything we truly want to see.

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