Month: May 2019

Latest Recipe Challenge Update

Hey, Ya’ll! As promised, here’s an update on my recipe challenge. I was reading through my notes to see the last recipes I told ya’ll about and realized I’ve done numbers 6-11 without posting updates on here. So without further ado, here’s a savory… Continue Reading “Latest Recipe Challenge Update”

A Heart Should be Treasured + Happy Memorial Day

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! To all my visitors from the USA, Happy Memorial Day! May we remember those that have served our country and gave their lives in service. Today is the usual short story Monday. But I’ll have an art post… Continue Reading “A Heart Should be Treasured + Happy Memorial Day”

To Trust or Not to Trust

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! This week should be mostly back to normal. Without further ado, here’s this week’s short story. It was partially inspired by a show I was binge-watching this last weekend on Netflix, Doomsday Preppers, and a prompt I saw… Continue Reading “To Trust or Not to Trust”

War of the Reflection vs Mirror Image pt. 3

Hey Ya’ll! Here is this week’s writing a few days late. I was inspired to continue the Mirror saga. What do you think is going to happen to Emma? I sighed as I sat in my makeshift office at Mari’s apartment. I was fortunate… Continue Reading “War of the Reflection vs Mirror Image pt. 3”

Paula’s Pet Paradise

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! Sorry for my sudden absence. I did not plan on going MIA, trust me. But I managed to do something to my back at the first of last week that, though not bad enough for a doctor, restricted… Continue Reading “Paula’s Pet Paradise”

Max’s Hell pt. 2

Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP. I was struck by a bit of a bit of inspiration to continue Max’s Hell. So without further ado… Max walked back onto campus the day after his latest dumpster dump and, completely unsurprising to him, the popular… Continue Reading “Max’s Hell pt. 2”

Cookies & Bars

Hey, Ya’ll! Here’s the next two recipes in my challenge, Lemon Drop Cookies and Butterscotch Peanut Bars. They are number 4 &5. I need to figure out a counter so we can all keep up together. Both recipes were very simple and didn’t take… Continue Reading “Cookies & Bars”

What’s Around the Corner?

Hey, Ya’ll! I do wonder about my mind sometimes… Too bad he’s too focused on the footprints What’s around the corner? Are we sure we truly want to know?? ‘Til Next Time!  

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