Before It’s too late, where’s my Prince Charming?

Hey, Ya’ll!

Here’s this week’s short story. I promise I’ll continue the Halloween one and a couple others that might go somewhere. But this one struck me so here it is. I’ve also been busy with Camp NanoWrimo so my muse is particularly feisty right now.

“I’ve scheduled the first appointment.”

“Appointment for what?”

Kate gave Claire a withering glare before answering, “To have it removed, of course.”

Claire gave a start before looking at Kate’s wrist.

“You sure?”

“Yes. It’s been 7 years. We’re getting ready to graduate college, I want a fresh start.”

“You don’t want to try one more time?”

Kate rubbed her wrist where the flesh-colored glove covered His name.

“I’ve tried enough, I’ve been the only one to try. When I turned 13 and his name appeared in red, I knew who it was as he was the only Greg I knew at the time. If it was black, I would wait longer, not even be considering this. But we all know red means you’ve met your soulmate and black means you haven’t. I waited a few months since it was faded showing he wasn’t yet 13. When it became bright and bold, I started trying. I approached a few times throughout the next year I was in my hometown. I reached out to old friends still in my hometown a few times throughout high school with the purpose of seeing if he’d said anything or seemed like he wanted to reach out. I’ve reached out to him via Facebook and Twitter over the last year before making this decision.”

“But it’s irreversible, though. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. What if the rumors of removing the soulmate mark removing all sense of romantic love is true?”

“Then so be it. It’s not like I’d be the only aromantic person alive. Even some with soulmate marks are aro. Frankly, that option would be better than left hanging with a hole in my heart from the indirect rejection by Greg.”

Claire sighed, hating that her best friend had to go through this.

Kate gave a soft smile before ruffling Claire’s pixie hair, “Don’t worry. It’s not like I go in and immediately have it removed. The first appointment is a routine appointment where the therapist tests me and makes sure I’m emotionally ready to go through the process. Then I have six months of therapy appointments to make sure I understand what I’m doing and I really want to do it. Then I have a couple of appointments with a doctor to go over the procedure before I actually have the removal procedure.”

“Which is why you’re starting it now. So you can have it all done before we graduate in 8 months.”

“Exactly. Now, I have homework so I’ll see you later.”

Kate left, not seeing the calculating look on Claire’s pretty face.

She nodded to herself decisively. She’d met Kate’s best friend from high school and knew she’d know who Kate’s closest friends from Sheppard, Texas were. From there, she could find out who the Greg on Kate’s wrist was. She wanted his side of the story. If necessary, She’d knock some sense into him if it was the last thing she did. Kate deserved happiness.

©Paula Crofoot

Will Claire find Greg? What is his side of the story? Did he really ignore the mark, did he try to reach out only to miss the mark, did he even receive the same mark, or is he just a clueless male? We’ll have to see.

Til next time

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