Rock Your Flower

Hey, ya’ll!

Here’s my latest piece of art and the writing on the epiphany I had as I was creating the art piece. Feel free to like and/or share if you agree. 

Rock Your Flower

Life Flower
Rock Your Flower

Everyone has a flower that represents their life. When we are born, it creates the center, the stamen or pistil, depending on if you’re female or male, or even both if you’re non-binary or trans.

It’s a nice golden yellow color as when we’re born, we’re completely innocent and pure. As we grow older, we add more and more petals, various sizes and shapes, various colors, some unmarred and some scarred.

The light colors show our happier times, our positive blessings. The darkened, even blackened, petals represent the harder times we all face as we grow older. We all face hard times, no matter our gender, race, heritage, wealth or lack there of. It’s all a matter of perspective. Something hard and difficult to handle for one person may not be the same to another and vice versa.

At minimum, everyone has a difficult time with puberty, with teen-hood. From the mean girls to the nerds, from the jocks to geeks, from the preps to the goths, and every average and non-average guy and girl in between. Even the Perfect Head Cheerleader or the Popular Jock Guy have problems. They simply grow used to hiding them with masks required to keep their place as Head Cheerleader and Jock, so you can’t see them. They mustn’t appear weak, after all. We all wear masks, some simply show their cracks more, some grow harder and harder to remove.

But the lighter colors surrounding and following the darker times give a promise it will get better. No matter how hard it seems, how alone you feel, there is someone out there that cares and it will get better.

Everyone’s flower is different. Many colors, many sizes, various marks and scars. Some have more dark colors than others. Some flowers are small, a symbol of a life cut short far too soon, whether by homicide, suicide or accident, while others are huge with plentiful petals and a strong stem.

Scars represent a tough time that left an everlasting mark but are nothing to be ashamed of. It simply means you’ve been through tough times but survived and grew stronger as a result.

Colors mean something different to everyone. Some will have more of one color than others. What might be a good color to you may be a bad color to someone else so they try to have fewer while you revel in yours. That doesn’t mean your flower is any less beautiful than another nor that their flower is any less beautiful than yours. They’re just different.

Maybe you see your flower as a rose, or a tulip or any flower that’s your favorite. I think we’re all daisies, all being human beings at our core, with different colors and size petals, marks and lack thereof, unique life experiences.

Rock your colors. Rock your Flower. Rock Your Life, scars and all.

Til Next Time- Paula



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