Recipe Challenge

Hey, Ya’ll!

If you’ll remember, I mentioned Monday that I would be telling you about a new challenge I’ve put myself to later this week? Well, today’s that day. I rewatched Julie and Julia over the weekend and decided to do my own version of it. I’m not doing that exact challenge as I have no interest in French cooking so I’ll be doing my own thing. However, because I live in Texas and we do things B I G here, I’m doing something that many would probably consider too big.

I’ll be baking my way through my Taste of Home Baking Book and my Taste of Home Cook Book. I haven’t quite figured out just how many recipes that is as neither book have a index with a count. I’ll give you an update once I’ve had a chance to count through the indexes.

I’ve given myself the deadline of April 18, 2022. I started to do just one or two years. However, I am gone from my own home considerably at this time, pet-sitting, and I wanted a Big Challenge, not Impossible.

At least once a week, I’ll give an update on what recipes I’ve done that week.

I’ll be doing recipes, mostly, in order, one recipe through each section in the two books before going back to the beginning and do the next recipe. Some weeks, I may have to skip one recipe for budget or time reasons before returning to it later.

I’ve done my first recipe with six more, savory and baking, on the books for the next two weeks.

This week was based on what ingredients I had on hand since I wanted to get started but grocery day wasn’t until today.

So: I baked a Yellow Cake. I need a good base White, Yellow, Strawberry and Chocolate cake recipes anyway. If you’re interested in the recipe, just comment down below. If I get enough asks, I’ll make another post with the actual recipe.

Mixing the Cake
Mixing the wet ingredients: egg, butter, vanilla extract with sugar

Mixing the cake was very simple. The mixer is my red Kitchen-aid Mixer I received for Christmas. I love it. The bowl is deeper than it looks, locks in place, the top locks into place, and I have three mixing handles, paddle, bread and whisk with multiple speeds. I can also buy extensions for it.

Baking the CAke
Baking the cake

Baking the cake was also simple though I am still figuring out the newish oven as some things it bakes/cooks fast, others right as it should according to the recipe and others take longer. This recipe took the full 30 minutes and turned out delicious. However, I may need to experiment with pans or cooling method. The cake itself was soft, just like I like regular cakes, but so soft that as you’ll see below, it crumbled coming out of the pan and further as I assembled it.

Complete Frosted Cake
The finished product: tastes way better than it looks

This is officially the ugliest cake I’ve ever baked and decorated. It taste delicious but I’m really not happy with how it assembled and decorated. Some will say that I shouldn’t post it, that it’s not good enough.

However, I am not perfect, not every project or recipe will turn out perfect. I am human, as we all are, and I intend to share all results here, regardless of if it turns out perfect or not. That goes for everything, writing, crafts, DIY, baking, cooking, sometimes my thoughts. It’ll be hard sometimes as I am a perfectionist and fairly private. But that’s what this platform is for, a place for us all to come together whether in my posts or in the comments on various posts. Always feel free to speak up though I will remove any and all bullying and politics.

Til next time, ya’ll!






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