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Hey, Ya’ll!

What did you think of last week’s cheap(free) DIY project? I’ll have more coming in the future, I love DIYs.


Emily opened her front door to fetch her weekly newspaper, the town digest, only for her foot to hit something. She glanced down, puzzled as there shouldn’t be anything on her doormat.

She screamed before muffling her scream with her hand. It was barely dawn after all.

But why were there dead mice and birds on her doorstep?!

Yesterday was Halloween, why would someone play this cruel joke on her today? She left the newspaper on the lawn, unable to just leave these poor dead creatures there. She went into her garage, pulled her gardening gloves on and grabbed her shovel and garbage bags.

Emily huffed as she finally got the last dead animal in a bag and took the bags to her garage to put in her green trash can. Finally, she was able to retrieve the newspaper, go inside, drink her coffee and eat breakfast before starting her day of work.

The next morning, Emily hadn’t even poured her cup of coffee and her phone was ringing.

She answered only to find her best friend on the other end.

“Layla? Isn’t it really early for you to be calling?”

“Go look at your front doorstep.”

“Oh no. What now? Wait, how do you know?”

“Just go look.”

Emily was confused but, cell phone cradled on her shoulder, coffee cup in hand, she opened her front door.

The cup crashed to the floor, splashing coffee all over as Emily screamed at the sight of the dead fawn in the same place as the animals the day before.

She finally calmed enough to hear Layla calling her name, telling her to calm down.

She spoke, “Calm down? How am I supposed to calm down?! How did this fawn get here?!”

“It’s all over Twitter. A wolf dragged it there overnight. What did you mean by now what? WAs there something else?”

“Yes. Yesterday, there were dead mice and birds. I thought it was someone’s cruel disturbing idea of a prank, never mind that it was the day after Halloween. But now, this…”

“I’m coming over and we’re calling the police. Something disturbing is going on.”

The police came over, took her statement, took the dead animals still in her trash can and the fawn. They assured her it was likely just a really bad prank in teh case of the birds and mice and they would be looking for the wolf. Clearly, it was wanting to make this its territory and would need to be returned to where it would live better.

Beyond that, they couldn’t see anything else happening.

The next day, Emily froze as her doorbell rang. Now what…

Armed with a hot cup of coffee, she cautiously opened the door.

She muffled a scream as she opened the door further to make sure she was seeing what she thought she was seeing.

Once she confirmed that she was indeed seeing a man that held a body by a leg, she threw the coffee on him and slammed the door closed again.

He yelled out, as she kept her back against the door, wishing she’d brought her cell phone with her.

“Hey lady, what gives. I was just bringing you a gift.”

“Of a dead body?! Why on earth would I want that?!”

“Duh. It’s what your kind likes.”

Realizing that maybe he had an answer for the dead animals the last two days, she cracked the door open.

“My kind? What do you mean my kind?”

“What, you don’t know?”

“No, I don’t know. Why are dead animals, and now a dead body, being brought to me?”

“You’re a black magic witch. You didn’t notice the magic awakening on Halloween?”

“No, I didn’t. What was I supposed to notice. Nothing is different.”

“Your sleep cycle different? You prefer dusk and dark to sun and dawn?”

Emily paused, she had noticed that she hadn’t wanted to leave her house the last two days during the daytime. Even two days before when she got her paper, it was as the sun was rising. She also had gone to bed later and gotten up earlier, not needing to sleep as much.

“But that’s not magic.”

“Of course not. It doesn’t happen that immediately when it comes to black magic. Plus, you need ingredients, including carcasses. Black Magic includes necromancy, after all.”

Emily slammed the door closed, “But not a dead body!”

“Okay, I can fix that.”

Emily heard him drag the body off, the slam of a door, probably the trunk, before a car drove off.

She prayed that he wouldn’t be returning but she had a gut feeling that wouldn’t be the case.


©Paula Crofoot


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