How To: DIY a Cheap(Free) Peg Board.

Hey, Ya’ll.

Here’s a DIY Post for making a cheap, hopefully free, peg board to organize with.

So, we’re always looking to organize our belongings, whether they’re tools, keys, craft materials and mediums, clothes, books, etc.

I’ve come up with something that is so easy, anyone can do it, regardless of skill level, and can do it either for free or exceptionally cheap depending upon what you have on hand already. It took me an hour to make.

Finished Product- Cheap Peg Board
The Finished Product

As many of you know, I run a business alongside Paula’s Eclectic Paradise, Paula’s Pet Paradise. I needed something to organize my keys and key tabs that I have for various clients. But this peg board can be used for keys, tools, small craft materials/mediums, anything you have that needs to be organized but relatively small.

Materials Needed

  • A Piece of Wood. Now this is completely up to you. If you have a piece of wood on hand that will fit what you are wanting to use it, go for it. The board I used, pictured below, was a free piece I found. I was walking one of my dog friends in the DFW area and we walked past this house that had a lot of stuff on their curb. You know, the usual bulk dump. On the edge of the pile was this white board that was clearly a shelf for a bookshelf. The actual bookshelf had obviously already been taken but this piece was missed. It was small enough for me to carry, my friend was a very calm and good walker, and I knew I could come up with something for it. But if you don’t have a piece of wood on hand, go to Lowes or Home Depot, or whatever hardware store you may have in your town, and to their wood department. You can find a piece of pre-cut wood that meets your desires. But if not, never feel worried about asking for help. Even if you’re a woman, go up there with confidence and ask for help. Those are no longer men-only zones.
  • Nails. Most of us have these on hand but if not, it’s a couple of dollars for one at hardware stores or, hell, a dollar at the local dollar store, for a small box of nails.
  • Hammer. A standard in everyone’s tool kit.
  • If you want to label, as I did, a small pack of labels fitting the label you want to write. I was organizing mine by the last name of the client so I chose small tabs I could write one letter on.
  • Sharpie. If you choose to label. If not, you don’t need this.

Blank Board
What I Started with: a blank board
The key tags, labels and my chosen sharpie
My nails, kept in place in a bucket


Now that we’ve gathered the materials, let’s assemble this peg board. I’ll be putting a picture of the finished product at the end once more for you to reference back to.

Put the board down on a flat, steady surface. But you don’t want it too low so don’t put it on the floor unless you have really good knees and are comfortable being crouched over for long period of times. I put mine on a table that is almost waist high so I still had to bend over it but not uncomfortably.

Measure the item you are going to want to hang putting in your first nail. I put mine at the top corner and hung the first key and tab. from there, I actually didn’t use a measuring tape or a level but you absolutely can. My items were small so I didn’t worry about a tape, just used my fingers for measurements. I actually don’t own a level at the moment but I should correct that asap.

Using your chosen method of measurements, place as many nails as you need. I had 21 keys but knew I had many more clients than that and more that would be coming. So I put another row of 8 but didn’t want to put a lot of nails all over the entire board. I have small materials that would hang but are necessary for the business this was for. I happened to have a woven basket on hand that I got in Target’s $5 or less area that I wasn’t using. (P.S. I love that section, it’s my guilty pleasure and whenever I’m at Target, I go to that area) So with some wall hooks, the kind that stick to the wall and pull loose when you’re done, I hung it on the board as well. It now holds my business cards, extra poop bags, pens and the like.

Now, you are finished and have a cheap, hopefully free, pegboard that you can use for anything and anywhere.

Finished Product- Cheap Peg Board
The Finished Product again

The picture is of my new tabs for future clients. For privacy issues, the actual keys and letters are not pictured. But here’s my pegboard for reference as you’re making yours.

Comment down below, with pics please if you want, how you did making your pegboards.

I look forward to hearing about your peg boards or even if you have a different take on what to do with the peg board, please tell me. I always love to hear from you.





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