Max’s Hell

Hey, ya’ll!

Here’s my Monday writing, as promised. So without further ado…

Max carefully closed his locker after getting the books he’d need for his weekend homework. He didn’t dare attract attention from the popular girls just down the hall. That would only bring their boyfriends as if they alone weren’t bad enough.

He slipped down the hall, away from them. Now that he had his books, if he could just get out of the school unnoticed.

His luck didn’t hold out.

“Oy, Maxie boy!”

He withheld a flinch at the call from behind as his tormenters strode up to him. Flinching only showed your weakness and that was the last thing he needed to show Tommy and his flunkies. They already knew he was weak after all, no need to make it worse.

Tommy wrapped a strong arm around Max’s neck, forcefully guiding him towards the front door to the high school. Max didn’t dare resist.

“So you were by my girl earlier but you were very rude.”

Holding his backpack strap like a shield, Max stammered, “I d-don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Now, now, Max. It’s not nice to lie to your betters. You have last period History together and you walked right by Claire but didn’t say hi.”

“I didn’t realize.”

“Realize or not, you were still very rude. As such, you need to be punished.”

Just then, Max realized where Tommy had been leading him.

He started pulled back, “Come on, Tommy. No need for that.”

Tommy yanked him forward.

“There’s plenty of need for it. Come on boys.”

With that, before Max had a chance to fight, Tommy and his friends heaved him up and over into the dumpster, tossing his backpack in after him. Max remained still, knowing better than to try to get out immediately. Even if he succeeded immediately, they’d just toss him back in, with bruises and blood the next time.

It was better for him to just wait here until he was pretty sure Tommy and his friends were gone.

Of course, he didn’t account for Claire and her friends to be there as he finally climbed out, covered in trash. He struggled to ignore their jeers and taunts, phones focused his direction, no doubt taking pictures. He focused on simply making his way to the city bus stop, knowing he’d no doubt missed the school bus. He ignored them as they told him to look online later, he knew what he’d find.

Sure enough, once he’d finally made it home, ignoring the disgusted looks from the other bus passengers and the sympathetic one from the driver, he was tagged in Claire Folkham’s latest post on her blog, ‘Loser Central’, cross-posted to Facebook.

He logged out, trying to ignore the glance he’d gotten at the comments on the FB post but they stuck in his mind anyway. Every one of them, laughing at him, taunting, agreeing with Claire and her friends.

What was so wrong with him that everyone at school hated him? What had he done? Was there anything he could do to change it?

Fin (for now)

©Paula Crofoot

Perhaps I’ll more of this one later. Though, why don’t we stop this when we see it happening? Perhaps I’ll write a post on it later.

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