Month: April 2019

Before It’s too late, where’s my Prince Charming?

Hey, Ya’ll! Here’s this week’s short story. I promise I’ll continue the Halloween one and a couple others that might go somewhere. But this one struck me so here it is. I’ve also been busy with Camp NanoWrimo so my muse is particularly feisty… Continue Reading “Before It’s too late, where’s my Prince Charming?”

Recipe Challenge # 2 & 3

Hey, Ya’ll! As you know, I’m working my way through two cookbooks over the next two years. Here are recipes # 2 & 3. Recipe Number 2 is a Beef and Corn Pasta Casserole. I don’t have any pictures of it but it was… Continue Reading “Recipe Challenge # 2 & 3”

Rock Your Flower

Hey, ya’ll! Here’s my latest piece of art and the writing on the epiphany I had as I was creating the art piece. Feel free to like and/or share if you agree.  Rock Your Flower Everyone has a flower that represents their life. When… Continue Reading “Rock Your Flower”

Fighting for the Unseen

Hey, ya’ll! How are you enjoying the small changes to the blog? I think this’ll be fun and it’ll be a challenge for me which I always enjoy. Without further ado, here’s this week’s writing, enjoy! Tommy crouched on the top of the building… Continue Reading “Fighting for the Unseen”

Recipe Challenge

Hey, Ya’ll! If you’ll remember, I mentioned Monday that I would be telling you about a new challenge I’ve put myself to later this week? Well, today’s that day. I rewatched Julie and Julia over the weekend and decided to do my own version… Continue Reading “Recipe Challenge”

Who am I?

Who am I? Under this mask I wear, does anyone know who I am? Can anyone see the true me? Do I even know who I am anymore, with as little as this mask comes off? Is there anyone else, In this same boat?… Continue Reading “Who am I?”

Once Hunter, Now Guardian

Hey, Ya’ll! Keep an eye out for not only two art/DIY/Craft posts this week but a quick post about a new goal I’ve made that I’ll be posting updates about here as well as likely that post for this week. I promise it’ll make… Continue Reading “Once Hunter, Now Guardian”

I’m a What?

Hey, Ya’ll! What did you think of last week’s cheap(free) DIY project? I’ll have more coming in the future, I love DIYs.   Emily opened her front door to fetch her weekly newspaper, the town digest, only for her foot to hit something. She… Continue Reading “I’m a What?”

How To: DIY a Cheap(Free) Peg Board.

Hey, Ya’ll. Here’s a DIY Post for making a cheap, hopefully free, peg board to organize with. So, we’re always looking to organize our belongings, whether they’re tools, keys, craft materials and mediums, clothes, books, etc. I’ve come up with something that is so… Continue Reading “How To: DIY a Cheap(Free) Peg Board.”

Max’s Hell

Hey, ya’ll! Here’s my Monday writing, as promised. So without further ado… Max carefully closed his locker after getting the books he’d need for his weekend homework. He didn’t dare attract attention from the popular girls just down the hall. That would only bring… Continue Reading “Max’s Hell”

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