Reflection vs Mirror Image, who will win?

Hey Ya’ll!

I decided to write a part 2 to the Reflection or Mirror image short story a few weeks ago. Did Emma really see an alternate version of her reflection, a mirror image. Or was she just seeing things in her reflection. Without further ado…

Black Eyes (2)

I walked up the stairs to my apartment. This was the first time I’d been back to it since my mirror had freaked me out a week ago. I still wasn’t sure what I’d seen. Luckily, Mari is such a good friend, more than willing to let me stay with her for the time being, not calling me crazy when I finally told her what had made me run to her place.

I came to pause before my door before swallowing hard and putting my key in the lock, opening the door.

Looking around the apartment, everything seemed to be untouched, unchanged from last week. There didn’t seem to be anything out of place. Maybe I need more sleep because I dreamed it all up. Maybe it had all been a figment of my imagination. Now I’m questioning my own mind.

That is, until I reached the bathroom where it had all happened. The mirror, that I know I shattered last week, is back on the wall in one piece. It was as if I hadn’t broken it. There weren’t even any glass shards left in the sink. But the same couldn’t be said for the rest of my bathroom.

It was complete chaos, the toilet tank was shattered, toilet seat nowhere to be seen. The tub was covered in some kind of black goo, reminding me of the black eyes of my mirror image last week. The tub faucet and handle was barely hanging onto the wall, cabinet doors of what was my linen closet hanging down in pieces while my sheets and towels were shredded, nearly unrecognizable. The floor had holes gauged out of the tiles, entire pieces gone.

I couldn’t figure out what had happened but decided I wasn’t sticking around. I took pictures on my phone for proof, just in case something made this destruction disappeared like the shattering of my mirror last week. Then I packed more of what I need as well as Lulu’s litter box and her favorite cat toys and ran back to Mari’s place.

Understandably so, she was horrified when I told her and showed her what had happened to my bathroom.

She insisted that I should tell the police but I wasn’t sure. Who was I supposed to blame it on, me? No one would believe me.

In the end, she convinced me, but leave out the part about my reflection. Instead, just simply say that I heard something that scared me and I chose to leave.

I was worried when Mari and I met the police back at my apartment that the bathroom would be back to normal, making me question myself further.

But no, the destruction was still there, and worse looking the second time around.

The police were actually equally horrified by what they saw. They told me to pack enough belongings, including what was most important, to stay at Mari’s indefinitely. Apparently, the level of destruction made them afraid whoever did this would return. I was afraid what would happen next. What had I done to deserve this?

©Paula Crofoot

TBC. What did Emma do? Who did this to her home? What will happen next? Was it her reflection or someone worse? You’ll have to wait and see but feel free to comment below your theories and thoughts.

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