What might be his Name?

Hey, Ya’ll!

Sorry for the slightly late update today. Last week was insane in terms of my schedule and I was never able to get around to writing this week’s short tale. Also, I know I said I was likely going to be cutting back on the two posts a week but I had an idea that will still allow me to write twice a week but keeping them quality rather than writing about random things for the heck of it. But I’ll keep you updated on that once I figure out the details. Without further ado, here’s this week’s writing.

James scowled as the young woman who was supposed to be working on this project with him kept glancing at his arm. He continually found her staring at her only to turn her attention back to the work with a start when she would realize he saw her staring. If he wanted people to know, to stare, he wouldn’t be wearing the fingerless glove. Granted, he could wear one of the expensive gloves that are designed to match your skin color that would be more subtle. He did have one of those, actually, a gift from his grandmother.

But he’d found that people actually stared more when both of your wrists appeared to be blank rather than when he was obviously wearing a glove.

Finally he’d had enough.

“Can I help you?”

Her cheeks pinked and Lila ducked her head.

“Sorry. I-I’ve just never seen someone wearing a glove to hide their Name before.”

“There’s a reason I’m wearing it and no, it’s not for people to stare at.”

She studiously looked at the paperwork on the desk they were supposed to be working on. She said nothing more and he assumed the matter had finally been put to rest.

But apparently Lila had a slow learning curve or her curiosity was just too great.

Putting down the chart she was supposed to be looking at, she opened her big mouth once more.

Looking at him in the face for once, “But why would you hide your Name?”

Turning her gaze back to his arm, “Don’t you want to find her? or him, I suppose.” making it quite obvious she thought it should be a woman.

He dropped the pages of the contract he’d been studying, uncaring of the order or mess they landed in back on the desk.

“I have my reasons and they’re not for every nosy nelly who insists on sticking their noses in business that isn’t theirs.”

With that, he walked out, leaving her to finish the work, already dialing their boss. He wasn’t about to let her twist what happened to make her the victim.

Nate fell over himself apologizing. He was one of the few people that knew why James kept his Name covered. Usually the people he paired James with had enough sense to respect the fact he was hiding it and leave it be. But every once in a while he’d find a rude idiot such as Lila.

©Paula Crofoot

TBC?? Let me know if you want more. Do you want to know what the Name means? Why James hides his? Let me know in the comments down below.


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