Reflection or Mirror Image?

Is that truly your reflection or is it your mirror image from a twisted world behind the mirror? Do you want to take the risk?

Hey, Ya’ll! You may have noticed that there was only one post last week. As life does, things are going to change a little bit. I’ll post a new piece of writing every Monday, no matter what. But I’ve found that I don’t always have something to post for the second post of the week, such as last Wednesday. Now, there may be a two posts a week for several weeks in a row before suddenly there’s only one or there may be only Monday’s post for a few weeks before Wednesday or another day suddenly pops up with words from me. Don’t worry. Rather than take up time we all find valuable for empty words that are forced, I’d rather write a second post each week when I’m struck with inspiration or something otherwise happens. I figure we’ll all be happier that way.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s writing.

I woke up to hear knocking. Naturally I was confused as I was in the back bedroom away from the front door and my apartment’s on the second floor. I thought I was hearing things until it sounded again, this time clearly on glass. I sat up, looking at my windows, hand outstretched for my lamp. But there was no one that I could see. Looking at the clock, I realized it was 3 in the morning and thought perhaps I was hearing things from whatever dream had woken me up.

Until I heard it again, this time from the bathroom. Now not only was I confused but terrified as the only window in the bathroom was a small square several feet above the floor that only a toddler would be able to squeeze through. I pulled away from the lamp, not wanting whatever intruder had managed to slip into my bathroom to realize I was awake. Instead, I carefully reached under my bed where I kept a baseball bat. I’d never played but had taken my older brother’s advice when I moved out on my own. I tiptoed towards the bathroom, not seeing any shadows in the bit of moonlight from the small window.

I flip on the bathroom light, bat held aloft, only to discover an empty bathroom. I stood braced in the doorway, not quite in the bathroom yet, bat still aloft, very confused. The knocks came again, this time from my right. I glanced at the mirror over the sink and my blood ran cold. Though I was nowhere near the mirror, there was my reflection, looking just as I’d left it several hours before except I don’t have pitch black eyes nor a wide sardonic grin. As I watched, my mirror image realized I was looking at her and, tilting her head to the side, grin never moving, raised her left hand and knocked again, this time dragging her hand down the mirror after, leaving a trail of blood dripping down the mirror.

Reacting purely on instinct, I swung the bat, catching the edge of the mirror and sending a massive crack down the center. As my mirror image opened her mouth wide, revealing rows of sharp teeth, I stepped in enough to strike once more, instinctively remaining out of range of the mirror to prevent my mirror image from becoming my reflection. My aim was true and the mirror shattered this time, my mirror image disappearing in the shards of glass that showered the sink and counters. I didn’t stick around, grabbing a duffel bag, throwing clothes and my laptop in it, scooping my cat out of the kitchen where he was huddled under the sink. Bat still in hand, I left the apartment, heading to my friend’s apartment down the street, deciding to deal with the mess in several hours when the sun was up and my sanity had recovered.

©Paula Crofoot

Thoughts? Did she really see that or was it all in her mind? All I know is be careful around mirrors, you never know if there might really be a mirror world behind them after all.

Black Eyes (2)
Be Careful or this could be Your reflection. 

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