Lose once, Lose a thousand times

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome Back! Here’s the latest piece. 

“No! No! Please!!

Mallory sobbed as her fiancé lay lifeless in front of her, blood flowing sluggishly from his head wound. The driver of the car that had hit him climbed unsteadily out before collapsing onto the pavement.

“I never saw him, I swear.”

Mallory didn’t hear him, wet eyes only on her now dead fiancé. She was still in the same position an hour later when her best friend, Adriana, arrived.

Adriana sighed, how many people would her friend Mallory lose before Fate decided she’d lost enough. She pulled her friend to her feet as she directed the police on where to send Nate’s body when the autopsy was complete, the directions old rote now.

She and Mallory retreated to Mallory’s apartment, going through the motions on automatic.

“Do you need me to arrange the funeral?”

“Please. I just can’t… I’m tired.”

“Of course. I’ll take care of it all.”

True to her word, Adriana ensured everything was in place when Nate’s body was released two days later. As such, everyone gathered at the funeral home five days after the car accident.

Mallory was at the front, staring unseeing at the casket, mentally preparing herself for the grief line when they came within hearing distance.

“Did you hear? She’s called the Black Widow. Everyone she’s loved has died at some point. Even her parents are dead.”

“I heard she has a brother who doesn’t come around after the way their sister died a few years ago. He saw the pattern before we did.”

“Can you blame him? This is her first fiancé but I heard there’s been three boyfriends, a couple of friends, her sister and her parents. I’m surprised anyone wants to be close to her.”

Adriana wrapped her arm around Mallory’s shoulders and glared at the two gossipers, barely keeping their voices down to stage whispers. But hte damage was done. Not only did Mallory hear them but so did Nate’s family. His mother’s grief didn’t change but his father suddenly glared at Mallory and Nate’s little sisters stayed away from her for the duration of the funeral and burial.

All too soon, the two woman stood at Nate’s gravesite, everyone else having quickly departed after the burial.


“Why what, Hon?”

“Why is everyone taken from me? First my sister three years ago, then my parents, Annie, Maria, Eric, Brandon, Daniel and now Nate. You need to stay away or you could be next.”

Before Adriana could reassure her that it wasn’t her fault and that she wasn’t going anywhere, a dark voice rolled over them.

“You made me lose my love once. Now you will lose yours a thousand times.”

Both women looked around but there was no one in sight. They began to dismiss the voice as a hallucination brought on by lack of sleep in the last week.

But not far from them, in plain sight, stood a tall dark skinned man with silver hair and ice cold blue eyes. His cold eyes were solely focused on the brunette that had cost him his love five years ago when the two were still in college.

He spoke once more before disappearing, “You made me lose my love once. Now you will lose yours a thousands times until you have felt the same pain I did having my other half ripped away from me.”

A shiver raced up both women’s spine even as they saw no one around.

©Paula Crofoot

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